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Edgar Valderrama | 1 comments I am willing to disregard my 87 years of age and be reckless enough to weigh in on the irresolvable yet ever current and fascinating free will vs. determinism (naturalism) debate.

I consider determinism/naturalism to be the default logical scientific position; but I am not willing to abandon the field without even a whimper. The mystical/religious/spirit position of free will can be considered as an explanation for some of the abstract qualities of man; yet even an agent floating around the body would be subject to cause and effect. (I believe even “god” has been said to act out of necessity)
There are two considerations I’d like to add to the discussion, and though they do not resolve it, they might be worth thinking about.
Before listing them, I’ll remind you of Maslow’s and other author’s hierarchies of being in order to claim that not all humans need be seen as equal in their capacity to invoke or reach a hypothesized state of freedom from circumstance and necessity. (so called free will) Maybe freedom belongs only to highly actualized individuals. Another of my worries is that the only kind of free action, that disregards the chain of events can only be a meaningless random spasm, unless our actor IS of an advanced and insightful nature.

The first is our capacity for “reflection.”

6: a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation.
7: consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose. (Merriam Webster)

Reflection could free us from automatic cause and effect responses. We can process our input before/instead of reacting to stimuli.

The second is the simple knowledge of the concept of free will.
Once we can think about it, we at can try to learn/discover how to become reflective and SELF DIRECTED. An objective, a goal, or a direction is necessary to exercise the will, as per Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.
I remember I worked for years on a “processing form” to run events through; but nothing ever came of it.

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