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message 1: by Miyuki (new)

Miyuki (miyuki2) | 14 comments whats a death angel?

message 2: by Jacob, Mod #2 (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 41 comments Mod
Name: Zadkiel
Gender: m
Age: he appears about 19 to 21 but he is actually the eldest angel of Death
Pets ((must have one and only one.)): Crimson


Dark, cruel humored, seductive, clever, and a real silver-tongued man

History: tba



Enemies: open
Crush: open
Bf /Gf:open

message 3: by Bailey (last edited Dec 17, 2012 07:46PM) (new)

Bailey Reece (baileyreece7) | 32 comments Name; Marina Clawn
Gender; Female
Age; 16, just discovered that she is a death angel
Pets; a large albino tiger- named Tinju
Appearance; http://www.google.ca/imgres?um=1&...
Appearance continued; very large pitch black wing that she can hide, with dark red highlights in them
Personality; humorous, clever, sneaky, likes to play cruel tricks on people.
history; tba
Likes; tba
Dislikes; when people touch her things
Friends; open
enemies; open
Crush; open
BF; open

message 4: by ѕтαяк (last edited Dec 22, 2012 10:39AM) (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 150 comments Name: Violet
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Pets: A tiger-like cat named Typhus.
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/35320659?g...#
Personality: She is charming, whitty and spunky. In other words, she doesn't really care about fitting in with the crowd. She is skilled in combat and is independent and can go dead serious in a second. She can also be very dark.
History: None
Likes: boys, books, Bow and arrows, music
Dislikes: Nosy people, show-offs, people in general, And especially Water

Enemies: too many to count
Crush: Open
Bf /Gf: OPEN
Other: none

message 5: by Jacob, Mod #2 (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 41 comments Mod

message 6: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 150 comments YAY! you are the best <3

message 7: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 150 comments Ah, well. I get overexcited sometimes

message 8: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 150 comments I doubt that he will be very active...If I ever make more than one charrie most the time one of them becomes inactive because I only RP with the one...

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 71 comments Name: Spike Zekiah
Gender: male
Pets ((must have one and only one.)):
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&...
Personality:kind, soft, carring, hepfull
History:i cant remember how this happened...
Likes:being helpful, people, animals
Dislikes: mean people, hate, being laughed at
Enemies: none
Crush: none
Bf /Gf:none
Other: has a sword

message 10: by Jacob, Mod #2 (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 41 comments Mod
i can make one for you...if you want

message 11: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 19, 2012 07:26AM) (new)

Name : Saul Night
Gender : Male
Age: 18
pets : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia...

Appearance: http://legendsofrocknroll.webs.com/ad...
Personality: Like any angel of death he loves killing, he enjoys rock music, he can be kind but very blunt.
History: Amnesia
Dislikes: Heroes.
Friends: none
Enemies: none
Crush: None
Other: Has a huge black scythe with three points on each side.

message 12: by ♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (last edited Dec 24, 2012 01:57PM) (new)

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 428 comments Name: Jansen Halo
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Pets: A fox named Kiero
Appearance: His wings are very beautiful, the pure black pigment seems to be swirling and shifting constantly
Personality: Quiet, but kind and sweet. He's been betrayed and abandoned a lot.
History: It's full of abandonment and betrayal.
Likes: Helping people get rid of their misery
Dislikes: People who take pride and joy in the suffering of others.
Friends: Those who think the way he does
Enemies: Evil, disgusting people
Crush: Open
Bf /Gf: Open

message 13: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 150 comments Yay! another death angel!

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 428 comments I know right :D

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 428 comments Of course. ^_^

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