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message 1: by Marren (new)

Marren | 60 comments I don't think I can make a story but just a few words.

On Friday, I changed the channel to watch Family Feud and my heart sunk. It is a day I will not forget. Whilst reporters tried to piece a story from tidbits of information, I shake my head in disbelief. I keep saying "they were only babies." How can anyone harm babies? How can anyone hurt those smiles, those chuckles, those inquisitive eyes and bustling energy. Hearing the survival tale of some would permeate the core of any heart. The brave and loving teacher who died protecting her students, her babies. The principal and vice principal who heard the shots, who quickly went to investigate but the principal did not make it. The mother who was gunned by her son...the agony of such news. I pray that family and friends of the victims of this tragedy find comfort from love ones. They are hurting and will hurt for a long time but they will have good memories of before...sigh

message 2: by Carrie (new)

Carrie P (ilavalavamylibrary) There are no words...only tears & heartfelt prayers that even though there is no way we can heal their pain, my hope is that Newtown will know they are not alone: we grieve with them.

message 3: by May (new)

May | 10 comments There have been other shootings; what makes this one the one that opens your eyes to how horrible it is? Is it that they're 6 year olds?

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 4 comments I stood for the afternoon prayer with the rest of my class like always. It's was a routine action that I had grown used to throughout the school year. Then I heard about the shooting, "Today's intention is for all those who lost their lives earlier today in the school shooting and everyone affected by it." The prayer went on like normal but everyone was in a buz about what we had just heard. This was the first time any of us heard about it and it was a lot to take in, our Spanish teacher gave us some time to take it in before class. During that time most of the class was looking for answers, What happened, when was it, who did this, and finally WHY? We found most of the answers online and watched a few interviews explaining what happened. I was devastated, even thought I don't know anyone who died that day personally, I'm grieving as if they were part of my family. These were little kids! Eager to learn with a whole life ahead of them, and for someone to take that away... it's just unthinkable! Then the teachers and staff if the school who were lost, they died for those kid, and that makes them a hero that some families owe their child's life to. But with all the bad in the world, everything Satin throughs at the world, God is always with us! Everyone who died that day is now home with Him, of course we will grieve, of course we'll hate and curse the man who did this, but we must think positively in this time of darkness.
R.I.P everyone who the world lost that day at Sandy's Hills Elementary School <3

message 5: by David (new)

David Bradburn (dwb42461) | 6 comments I wrote this commentary the day after the mass shootings and hope it makes us all think about how we are living in this so-called free country. We need to keep writing our Congressmen and women to make changes that will support life and the pursuit of happiness rather than bloody, senseless death.

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