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A Perfect Darkness (Offspring, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Paranormal Romance Series(SpoilerAlert) [s]

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Christine (okitteno) | 2 comments Unfortunately, I usually remember my books and I even went out of my way to write in a note book all the books I read and what I haven't read of series etc. Go figure I would lose the paper even after attempting to keep a reminder! I WAS SO PISSSEDDD. D:

Anyways, I'm looking for a paranormal romance series/novels and they are I would say a moderate read possible teenage to adult material, some explicit stuff if I can recall from the first novel.

I honestly vaguely remember somethings. The story was about a woman that found out she was apart of a special organization/set of type of paranormal people with talents. Things like, psychic reading(telepathy?) I believe is the term etc.

She was abducted from her apartment/almost and If I recall right a guy saved her and she had history with him and her family. They find more out about themselves and they end up meeting others and one guy was a cop and used a laptop to retrieve this secret list that was hidden while they were being hunted by a organization? as well as they had to help a member break out of a institution if I recall right.

All the mean while meeting about 5 characters total I believe in the first novel and the book cover was blue for sure and black I believe. A smoky kind of feel I guess? It was a very new book set and the author was JUST beginning the series of course this was awhile ago, I wish I could remember the next date for the second one that was coming out but I cannot. D:

Oh! There was a fire starter woman I believe that was described in this book as well or I might've read two books of the series but I could've sworn I was only on the first one.

Wish I could remember names but I cannot sorry! Anyways, help!? Lol. It was a decent read and I want to finish the series.

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments Some details fitA Perfect Darkness

there is even a guy who can start fires with his mind...but you said it was a woman,so maybe its not this one.

Christine (okitteno) | 2 comments Yes! I will move this as solved when I'm on my compy, currently on phone. Thank you so much and so sorry about mixed details!

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