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M. | 17 comments I followed my own whimsical heart when writing this book and I sincerely hope it finds its way into yours. Here is the premise:
I thought my quest to discover the truth about my Mothers mysterious disappearance so long ago had sadly ended. Moments ago, I watched my last breath bubble to the surface like fleeing butterflies as I sank helplessly into the salty depths of the sea. The wondrous, aquarium like scene slowly faded around me until finally I drowned, an ordinary American girl…
…Then woke a mermaid princess.
Awaiting Destiny by M. Schaefer

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M. | 17 comments Yay! Thanks Emm! I hope you will enjoy it by a nice warm fire! Happy Holidays!

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M. | 17 comments I saw your review Emm, It totally made my day. Thanks so much, I am very appreciative!

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