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message 1: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Ender's Game was written by Orson Scott Card. Ender's Game is an adventorous novel about a young boy who was brought into the world to take out the "Buggers".
Ender goes to a battle school to learn strategy and skills in order to defeat the buggers. Ender wins the battle against the buggers, but soon realizes the buggers only wanted peace.
I enjoyed reading this story, my favorite part would have to be the ending because it showed that after everything Ender went through, he still had a big heart and the buggers forgave him. I recommend others read it because it's not only educational but fun to read.
I think readers should know that there are some gory parts, such as when Ender beats Bonzo and Stilson up. At times it can be frustrating because you can kinda imagine/feel what he's going through. If i could give it a rating i would give it a four out of five stars.

message 2: by Robyn (new)

Robyn Jones Did you know it's being made into a movie? Harrison Ford is in it.

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