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message 1: by Court (new)

Court *does a happy dance* I think I'm going to start reading it tonight..

message 2: by Zia (new)

Zia UGH! I'm so mad cuz I had to read it this year for class, and I have to read it again for high school!!!

message 3: by Court (new)

Court Oooh..that sucks. In my class..we're reading the Outsiders.

message 4: by Zia (new)

Zia I read that for a class this year. It was pretty good.

message 5: by Court (new)

Court Its good..but, nowadays, it doesn't seem as amazing as it would've if we'd read it in 1967..

message 6: by Zia (new)

Zia True.

message 7: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (sgadancejesus) | 1 comments ya... we have to read it in my reading class starting on friday :P

message 8: by Court (new)

Court Which one To Kill a Mockingbird or the Outsiders?

message 9: by Megan (new)

Megan Lyons | 13 comments When I was in high school my teacher found out which of us had already read TKAM and we had to read another book instead, A Bird in the House by Margaret Lawrence, which was not nearly as good. I ended up reading TKAM again anyways b/c hearing other students discuss it made me want to read it again anyways. It is one of my favourite novels.

message 10: by Belicia (new)

Belicia Buena-Terrones I just read this book acouple months ago in english
I thought it was interesting love love love atticus
not on of my faves though my other friend loves this book though haha

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