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Kinsey Millhone

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Omgstfu I am ashamed that I think of the "alphabet books" during the day. I still can't get over "S" - it had me hooked with such promise - and then...

Anyway - this is about "T" and what bothers me the MOST about these books is that the (main) villian is always a woman! Not only that, but the villian always dies in the end. It's getting so I can predict how and where the villian will die because Grafton seems to be following a pattern. Stop killing the villian. Death is not justice enough for me. It would be nice if Kinsey ran into some of her older cases once in a while - I mean she's always saying Santa Teresa is a small town.

Is it just me or does Kinsey have a negative spin on everything she sees, eats and smells? The only thing I think Kinsey has truly enjoyed was a beer. Oh and a QP with cheese! :)

"T" was definitely better than the last but I'm waiting on something a little different at this point.

Oh and I'm in my 30's so I remember the 80's vividly. Some of the things going on in 1987 in Santa Teresa are snatches of the future.

Randee Baty I agree with the negative spin on everything. I've even remarked on it in my reviews. If anything could have made me stop reading this series, that would have been it.

Suge Death is such an easy way to wrap up loose ends. But I don't think them dying bothers me. It would be nice to see them get arrested, go to court, go to trial and so on. As for the villains being a woman, and being a writer myself, it's a little bit better than the whole "damsel in distress" ideals that usually follow female characters. It shows that women are as clever as men and can commit the same heinous crimes that men can. Some can ever get away with it better because of being female.

I didn't find this book to be predictable, but then I go long stretches between reading these books so I might have just forgotten the writing style lol. I do enjoy them regardless.

You wanna know what's predictable? VC Andrews. That shit is predictable to a tee. ;)

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