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message 1: by Monissa, Deck Hand (new)

Monissa | 87 comments Mod

Earlier I was looking for the oldest still active/ocean-going tall-ship. Not as easy as it might seem, because most claims for 'oldest' are based on them being afloat, which can mean being stuck in a museum and not at all capable of going to sea. So far, USS Constitution in the most likely candidate.

However, I came across this site for Edwin Fox which claims to be the oldest merchant ship afloat and 9th oldest ship afloat, which means there are another 8 older ships on water.

So far we have:

USS Consitution (1797 - oldest commissioned warship)
HMS Trincomalee (1817 - oldest British warship)

HMS Unicorn (1824) - not sure if this is afloat though

Victory is dry-docked, so doesn't count.
There's a bunch from the 1860s, which obviously don't make the list.
Is there an older non-commissioned warship?

message 2: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Moorhouse Very interesting question :). It's amazing how hard some will try to make theirs the oldest...something. Like Unicorn, the oldest most complete wooden ship. Is that right? Might be a few qualifiers I've missed!

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