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anti humanitarian crimes of brutal regim in iran

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message 1: by ehsan (new)

ehsan | 11 comments lets start this introduction with something awfull,in the begining of the new year islamic regim in iran executed 15 persons,this brutal regim ,as far as iranian like me who lives in iran could mention ,looks for stop the real human tries for liberty,these lines that i write like milions of other objectional lines against this non human regim could be a historical archive now here for all ,for all who read,think and tries to keep human future line i will write report and comment of the iraninan brutal regim.maybe someone read and could undrestand the real and deep pain in iranian's people heart for all these crimes.

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ehsan | 11 comments when we look at dictator goverments like the one in iran we see that the only way we can fight against it is to build a free society,nowadays the most difficult thing is to separate religion from goverment and build a laic ruler through the country,simple rules seems to be impossible to be fulfilled in this society,thousands of years of invasion against this country has made a very complicated and wrong behavior in the people of this can see lots of mental disorder as a normal behavior and it seems that any liberal stream of a group or few people without any foriegn support is condemned to fail and defeat .now real confidence does exist in layers of society and frustration makes a disabled country with lots of problems

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ehsan | 11 comments again now here in iran and in zahedan province 5 persons are senteced to cut their hands and legs cpmletely.who can stop this fachist regim?

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ehsan | 11 comments many died of cold weather. it seems that this is the cuase of regim collapse instead of nuclear war.this goverment has built a house is not as strong as it seems.all dictator goverments do not stay for ever the will be collapsed even by themselves.

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ehsan | 11 comments one sudent died in prison by turture.he lived in kurdistan.

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