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Maria Hey whose seen the movie?

I really loved it!

Cheryl S. Hi Maria--

One of my all time favorites. Amazing how many of the young actors went on to have mega careers.

Maria Who thinks Sodapop Curtis is hot in the movie? I do! lol....Rob Lowe is amazing!! so is Matt Dillon

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Zoe The movie is a crappy 80's movie... yet it is amazzing! hahaha

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I loved the movie. It sticks really close to the book.

Vettech2124 Yea Maria!!! Sodapop, so cute!

message 7: by Ari (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ari Although the movie did not match the way I had pictured the characters when I read the book, It had its good points. One of the things that I thought the director, Frances Ford Coppola did really well, was make it very "Gone With the Wind". Ponyboy mentions GWTW so many times in The Outsiders, and the way Coppola filmed the movie was very reminiscent of GWTW the film. (particularly the sunsets.)

Jordan Bailey One of my favorite books, and the movie was great too! It was extremely faithful to the book itself. But I wasn't so sure about having Patrick Swayze portray Darryl. But that was only because he was my favorite and I wanted him perfect. Heh. xD;

But Frances Ford Coppola is a brilliant director, so I shouldn't have been worried.

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Ari - spoiler warning -

I thought some of the casting was great. Ralph Macchio as Johnny (who else could have played that?) Emilio Estevez as Two-Bit, Rob Lowe as Sodapop, Diane Lane as Cherry Valance...those were all excellent choices. I wasn't initially thrilled with the casting of (then unknown) Tommy Howell as Ponyboy, but he did a good job. I'd have like to have seen , maybe, Chad Lowe in that role. But I don't know what they casting director was thinking to cast Matt Dillon as Dally. ???? His acting has improved by leaps and bounds since then(he was most excellent in Crash), but he didn't bring anything to the role of Dallas Winston. Nothing. And his death scene sucked rotten fish guts.

Brigid ✩ The Outsiders is an amazing books, but the movie is HORRIBLE. The acting sucks, and makes the whole story seem a lot stupider than it's supposed to be. I totally agree that Dally's death scene was the worst. I mean, I remember the author distinctly writing that he was dead before he hit the ground. In the movie, he was like writhing on the ground in pain for a full minute. It was so dumb!

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If anyone wants to join the Outsiders roleplay group, join! Its on public!

Stephanie The book really touched me, and the movie was just...not that great. I pictured everybody very differently, and even the settings were just off to me. I didn't like the way Pony talked in the movie for some reason, it just bugged me. I think the book is so much better.

Clare D' Lune Well, I just watched the movie last night.... Personally, I thought it was an embarassement (sp?) for the book... I thought the book was GREAT, but the movie was one of the stupid 80's movies... I mean, come on.... An old movie about even OLDER times... They made it seem like Ponyboy and the rest of the gang, not really care about Jonny dying until after he was dead or w/e.... it was annoying. Too many switches. Like one minute, they are all crying and the next they are like indifferent... It was weird.

ashley-megan ya the people int the movie were not how i pictured them to look.

Elisabeth call my boy crazy but OH MY LORD!! sodapop, pony boy, darry, and even little johnny.. #1 spot for major dose of eye candy.

Mounica I want to watch the movie whether it's good or not. I want to see how the movie actors are compared to what I pictured.

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Pandora I'm just wondering do people know there are two different cuts to this moive. I saw the studio version in the eighties and hated it. Then I discovered that Coppla has release a DVD version which is called the complete novel. This version includes material that had been cut by the studio most of which was Sodapop scences. I plan to see this version to see if it improves the moive. It might because as I remembered my main complaint of the 80's movie was there wasn't enough of Sodapop.

Book_ivory The movie was great, its pretty cool to see actors that are now in their 30's and 40's acting when they were young. Soda Pop was cute in the movie, my fav is their older brother.

Kandice I think the movie was wonderful. My teenage kids like it too, but of course, to them, it's severely dated/ When it first came out, though, none of them were famous yet and it certainly wasn't old or dated to us. I agree with the eye-candy statement. My favorite casting choice was Diane Lane as Cherry. The guys, I couldn't argue with for the fore-mentioned reason!!!!!

Laurena The movie was amazing.

Maddy! I didn't really like the movie. The cast was great, but they didn't add that much to the character's personality, Johnny didn't change that much, Dally was still a hard rough rock, and Darry had just seemed to have a random blowup when he hit Ponyboy because they didn't show what their relationship was like before. Not the best movie.

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Pandora Just for a point of reference could you please state which cut of the movie you saw? The DVD Coppla cut or the studio terrible 80's cut. The Coppla (Still haven't see it. After Christmas) cut may not have been enough to improve the movie but, it is suppose to make a great difference.

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Jenn brigid is completely right! the movie was so horrible! the book was great, but the movie had me trying to gouge my eyes out!!!

Megan i thought the movie was pretty good. the book was better though. but still it was a pretty good movie!

Charles i liked the movie

Robin Movie was good. Read the book but I like to visually see the players.

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Lisa I had the opportunity to read this book in the 7th grade and it has been one of my favorites ever since. It really stuck with me. Awesome characters and storyline.

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Lyla Neko Should I watch the movie??? :\ I HATE reading a book and the characters are diff from the ones in the book... It feels like I've been lied to about there personalities... >.> lol

Atarah Poling really enjoyed the movie a lot. Glad that they kept it so close to the book.

Atarah Poling Scourge(Lyla) wrote: "Should I watch the movie??? :\ I HATE reading a book and the characters are diff from the ones in the book... It feels like I've been lied to about there personalities... >.> lol"

And yes I would watch it.

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Lyla Neko Okay. I'll watch on Youtube later. :)

Samara LOVED the movie. I loved the book and the movie followed the story so well so it was really good.

Aeyla As usual, I think the book was better. But the movie was pretty good for an old movie.

Carita I liked the book, but they didn't really show the depth of the realationship with Sodapop and Ponyboy, which I think is really important

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Lyla Neko Lol Hinton didn't show ANYTHING in depth with that book!
(view spoiler)

Ashley Well, some things in the movie did not exactly go how the book explained it did. Like, Soda's hair color.

Kaitlyn Ware I haven't seen the movie book just by reading the book is a never-forgetting movie.

Jennifer I just watched the movie last night for the first time, even though I've read the book at least six times. I wish I hadn't watched it. While the book was amazing, the movie was over-acted, melodramatic and the soundtrack was absolutely horrid. I know most of those actors went on to have solid careers in film but if I was one of them I'd be embarrassed to have this on my resume.

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Alyssa Dobens The movie was good, but make sure you read the book first. I thought both were good, but i perferred the book.

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Brandy Loved it! I think I've seen this movie a minimum of 30 times and read the book at least 4 times. My all time FAVE.

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Lyla Neko THE MOVIE WAS/IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I watch it at LEAST once a day!
(Also The Rocky Horror Picture Show... >.>))

MizziQ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S MY FAV MOVIE EVER! ::)

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Julie I really liked the movie and the book was awesome. When I watch a movie, I try to separate it from the book so I won't be disappointed, but they did a great job staying close to the book. Besides, Ponyboy Curtis has always been my boyfriend!

MizziQ ;-0 LOL

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Bobby Veliz You know its funny I read the book and liked it but never saw the movie. Definitely need to check it out.

MizziQ Yes, it's very good. Although I find that people like it better if they watch it before they read it.

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Bobby Veliz Yes when you usually read a book and a movie is made about it people prefer the book over the movie.

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