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message 1: by Salma (new)

Salma I've pretty much read all Stephen King, and I'm looking for some more good horror books- tasteful, not melodramatic, limb-chopping horror. Any recommends?

message 2: by Jeannie (new)

Jeannie | 8 comments There is a fairly new book out titled "The Terror" by, Dan Simmons. The story is based on a true event around which the author incorporated some supernatural, spooky events. The story has been compared to King's stories.
Another really good book is Ann Rice's novel "The Feast of All Saints" This book is not part of Rice's vampire series. The story takes place in New Orleans, incorporates a lot of voodoo and darkish type stuff. The Feast of All Saints is one of Rice's earlier works and one of my favorites.

message 3: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10199 comments Mod
My husband pointed out The Terror to me... thats the one set back in the 1800's with people on a ship or sub in ice... right? We havent bought it yet. It sounds interesting.

As for some recommendations, here are a few to try:

Come Closer by Sara Gran (check my bookshelf to be sure of the authors name, im guessing)- this book is about a woman who is slowly being possessed by a devil. A little creepy and spooky at times.

Heart Shaped Box - Joe Hill (Stephen Kings son) - this book is about an ex-musician who purchases a used suit online that is haunted by a ghost and weird shit entails... creepy creepy creepy.

The Ruins - (authors last name is Smith) - this book is still giving me chills up and down my spine and i read it when it first hit the shelves... freaky novel about some kids who go looking for thier friends in the woods in mexico or some crazy island, and end up stuck on a hill as prey to these man-eating vines. Sounds stupid but it is oh-so-very-good!

Anything by Chuck Palahunick. Try Haunted or Lullaby first if you are looking for messed up - scary stuff. Those are his two most creepy novels.

Give them a shot.... Im sure I am overlooking a few, but these are great to start with! Let me know if you choose any. I would be interested to see what you think of them.

message 4: by Salma (new)

Salma Cool! I'll have to check those out.

message 5: by ScottK (last edited Jan 03, 2008 08:51PM) (new)

ScottK | 535 comments I am not sure if these qualify as horror actually but the Repairman Jack series is very good with a supernatural twist. They are by F.Paul Wilson . Repairman Jack is a "Fixer of problems not things", but what he doesn't know ( or is beginning to realize by book 3) is that he has been chosen as a crusader against a thing called the Otherness. Check them out they are good Books.

message 6: by Salma (new)

Salma Lori- I actually started reading Heart-Shaped Box, the writing was really good and it was interesting, but some parts were too graphic for me and I didn't finish. Everyone I know who's read it said they loved it though, so I'll have to pick it up again.

All the recommends sound fascinating. Thanks!

message 7: by Jodie (new)

Jodie (jodiemill) | 44 comments John Saul is good. He's got a lot of books out, some more creepy than others. The first one I read was Black Creek Crossing.

Tess Gerritsen is another of my favorites. She writes medical mysteries, but you don't need a medical degree to understand the terminology. The best ones are Bloodstream, Harvest & The Surgeon.

Anne Rice is good too. I really liked The Witching Hour. The ones that follow that one are a little on the iffy side of strange.

Lisa Jackson, Erica Spindler, even Mary Higgins Clark are good thrill writers.

message 8: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Tuell (booksloveme) Michael Prescott. i read on of his books and another is on my to read list. he's graphic.

message 9: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10199 comments Mod
Scott, which book is the first Repairman jack book? Is it Tomb? .... i want to look into this series, but i want to make sure if i do, i pick up the very first. I hate reading a series out of sync!

message 10: by ScottK (new)

ScottK | 535 comments It actually starts with the Keep but RJ (Repairman Jack) is not in that just one of the bad guys, so yeah the Tomb is the first one with Repairman Jack. If you go to F. Paul Wilson's website he has a proper reading order on there.There is talk of making the Tomb into a movie with Ryan Reynolds as RJ.

message 11: by Fenixbird (new)

Fenixbird SandS | 403 comments Books that come to mind? The Birds (Hitchcock had a way of spotting this genre) Interview with a Vampire (Are you including vampires??) I would add, "Queen of the Damned," if you are! I found it rather original.

How do you search for subject here on Goodreads? click on top shelves..there is a horror category with 8724 books "shelved" as horror (here isthe link: ) The Best of H. P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre (Paperback) by Howard Phillips Lovecraft (15)
Dolores Claiborne (Paperback) by Stephen King (14)
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (Hardcover) by Max Brooks (14)
Watchers (Paperback) by Dean Koontz (13)
The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1) by Stephen King (12)
Green Mile book box set (Paperback) by Stephen King (12)
Lasher (Paperback) by Anne Rice (12)
Memnoch the Devil (Hardcover) by Anne Rice (12)
Gerald's Game (Hardcover) by Stephen King (12)
'Salem's Lot (Mass Market Paperback) by Stephen King (12)
Black House (Paperback) by Stephen King (14) *This is a sequel to The Talisman which had an amazing impact on me in my teen years.

message 12: by ScottK (new)

ScottK | 535 comments Yep, I would say that Salem's Lot would rank up there in the top 10 horror books IMHO. The Talisman and The Black House are in my top 20.

message 13: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10199 comments Mod
Some of Poes stuff is creepy in that old goth style sort of way. I remember reading him in school and cringing sometimes at the stories.

message 14: by alicia (new)

alicia grant (shesha34) here are some authors to try
Tamara Thorne Bad Things was really good.
Bentley Little,Richard Laymon,Douglas Clegg,John Saul,Poppy Z Brite,I love the Dexter novels by Jeff Lindsay.

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