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"great. when?"

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"yeah i think rachele and johnny were going. I'll meet you there"

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((Ok so where is Rachele?))

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((umm getting in her car to go to the smoothie place))

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((brb dinner))

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)


*Johnny headed towards the Smoothie place*

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*He texted back to her* Yeah I am what about you?

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*He texted back* I asked Rachele to come with me

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*He texted back* Yeah we arnt a couple yet

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*He texted her* Yeah thats true

*he pulled up in the parking lot*

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Hey Ariela!

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Greer you know you love me wrote: "" cool!" Kendal walked to the parking lot yay! she thought"

rick got in his car and srove to the smoothie place

((don't u mean arelia))

rachele drove to the smoothie place

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I like it reckless

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((lol thats ok))

rick got out of his car and saw arelia. he walked over to her

rachele got out and saw johnny and they other guys. she headed towards them

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"Hey Rachele, hey Rick"

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

"hey" rick said as he walked up

"hiya guys" said rachele

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"This place is new it just opened up a few days ago and I have gone a couple of times"

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"sure" rick and rachele said

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"Yeah its great lets go"

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"k" rachele said and followed them in

rick walked next to Arelia

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"Well there is the menu what do you want Rachele I will pay for you"

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"thanks I'll have a Blue Rasberry smoothie" she smiled

"What are you having? It's on me" rick asked arelia

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"Ok" *He walked up to the cashier* "Can I get one LOL Lime and the Razz ma Tazz please"

"Ok That will be $10.51" *He pulled out his wallet*

"Here you go" *She took the money* "Your order will be here soon"

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((those names sound awesome!!!!!!!!!))

rachele smiled and waited

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((Thanks they are from the smoothie place in my city))

*Johnny sat next to her* "So how was your first day?"

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"hmmm pretty good. I'm glad we didn't get to much homework" she replied

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"Yeah thats true I got a bunch of disclosures to sign"

"Your smoothies are ready" The Cashier said

*Johnny stood up and got them and handed hers to her*

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"thank you" she took a sip "yumm"

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

*He took a sip of his* Sour...

((where is Greer?))

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((idk, thats what i was wondering))

she smiled

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((Ha ha ok))

*When she looked away he took a sip of hers* Its good he said luaghing

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she laughed "i get a sip of yours"

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"Ok" *He handed his to her* "Here you go"

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she took a sip "it is sour..."

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"I told ya" *He looked into her eyes* "Your eyes are beautiful"

message 36: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 01, 2009 05:27PM) (new)

rachele blushed "thanks"

"What are you having? It's on me" rick asked arelia

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((So she speaks))

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"Ummmmm... Rachele I was wondering if you want to go out with me sometime? I mean not like this but like a date"

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"yeah I'd love to!" she bit her lip

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"Great" he said reilieved

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"ok One mango magic and an O-mazing orange"
rick said and paid

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"The mango one is way good"

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"yeah they make a great couple" rick said

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"your welcome" rick took a sip of his

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"sure" rick got up with arelia and sat at the table with rachele and johhny

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"Hey guys"

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

"hey" rick said

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

"hiya" rachele smiled

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

"How are the smoothies?"

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"great" rick and rachele said

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