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Erin Let's play the ABC game with Divergent! So this is how it works: start with something from Divergent (or Insurgent) that starts with A; the next person says something that starts with B and so forth...

A- Abnegation

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B- Bravery

Erin C- Christina

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D- Dauntless

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Mariana F- Fearless

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H- Horrors

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I- Insurgent

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J- Jonathan (Tori's brother)

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K- Killing

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L- Lynn

Annie Alviola L-love

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M- Molly

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N- Natalie Prior

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Erin O- Outstanding book!

Sarah P-Peter

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Q- Quiz

Megan R- Roth, Veronica

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S- Selfless

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T- Tobias/ Tris

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Erin U- Uriah

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V- Violence

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W- Waterfall

Amanda Ugh! X! Umm...
X- Xander

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How about:

X- Xtina (Christina)

Amanda Y- Yam

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Graham Z - Zoo

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Amanda B- Book

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D- Divergent

Sarah E-Eric

Amanda F-Fearless

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G- Gun

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Jack Williamson H - Honor

Brittany I- Insurgent

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J-Jack Kang

Amanda K-King

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M- Marlene

Amanda N- Niagara Falls

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Amanda P- Purity

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Q- Quiet

Amanda R-Ruthless

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S- Susan

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Yuki Nagato T-Tobias

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U- Uriah

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Erin V- Valor

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