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message 1: by Heidi (new)

Heidi (SweetPea) | 15 comments Mod

For those who have not read this far yet don't read this. BUT for those who have. I am a little angry with Tom. I can not believe he proposed to Ellen and his wife hasn't even been dead for 48 hours. I am angry about that. AT LEAST he agreed with Ellen in the fact that his newborn son would be better off with the monks. AND At least Ellen was smart enough to point that out. Still makes me made. Anyone else have thoughts?

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (Skirt) | 17 comments I wasn't really angry just more sad. I was sad that Tom suddenly found himself all alone in a time when he could not really take care of his family and most definetley would not be able to take care of them on his own. I am glad that he hooked up with Ellen (although I agree it was a little soon) I just wish he had not left the baby. I think between him and Ellen they could have cared for the baby. I like him and Ellen together. With her in the picture it gives us more of an objective opinion on the personalities of Tom and his kids.

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