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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Anyone else working on this list.

I'm at 3.8% on the new list but plan on reading both the new and old list.

message 2: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) Do u have the link Emilee?

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) I've bought the book from Amazon, should have it later this week. I'm gonna use it as a great TBR source, reading the ones that appeal to me, without forcing myself to read something I don't like.

Is that what you're doing Emilee?

I'm gonna see if I can find a link to post Titch.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Here is a link too:

This is the spreadsheet that calculates how many books you need to read a year.

Yeah Laura I'm doing the list. My plan is to read 50 books off the list a year and 50 non list books. I have the 2006 edition of the book it was great giving the descriptions.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) I've read 27, including the ones I can't remember from H.S.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

If I add some from high school i would have read more but some I want to re-read like Little Women.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Laura: are you working on the list too?

message 9: by Beth (new)

Beth Knight (zazaknittycat) I looked last night and I've read 44 of them. There are a lot of them on the list that I'd like to read.

message 10: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) I just bought the book Emilee, but I ordered it from Amazon, so I don't have it yet. I used to think, what's the point I'll never finish the list, but now that I'm focusing on reading more and watching TV hardly ever, I'm going to work on it.

I was wondering why your 2009 TBR list looked so amazing - did the 1001 book help you put that list together? Because you have some spectacular stuff there.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow Beth that's great!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

My list is books from the 1001 list, books I own that I need to read and books that have been recommended to me. Thanks to! I ha ve to admitt after finding this site I too have almost completely ceased to watch TV and am reading so much more. I have gotten so may great recommends here too! I have to thank all my friends!

I plan on reading all the books on the 1001, I figured I'd read 50 books a year from the 1001 then it should only take me about 18- 19 years.

message 13: by Beth (new)

Beth Knight (zazaknittycat) Emilee and Laura: to read all 1001 of them is a very impressive goal! You guys are amazing.

message 14: by KrisT (new)

KrisT There is a cool website I have been using for this called List of bests

You go there sign up and you click under books. There are all kinds of lists including 1001 under the definitive lists. The list is there you just see all the books and click on the ones you have read when you finish them and it keeps track of what percentage you have read.

I am not sure I am going to do them all because there are some tough one and some that make me gag just by the sight of them but I am going to give it a go. I have 18% done so far.

message 15: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) Exactly. I'm really just using it as a great source for quality books, I'm not gonna force myself to read something that's turning my stomach from the start.

Although having said that ---- it may not be a bad idea to at least give all of them a try. Since GR i've really been surprised to read books I only picked up because someone I like here really recommended it, thinking I wouldn't like it, and wound up LOVING it. So you never know. Any book on that list would prob. be at least worth a TRY.

The thing that bugs me about that 1001 list is that it's been changed. So what's that about? Why change it? Either a book is worth reading and you MUST read it before you croak or it's not. Right?

message 16: by Christina Stind (new)

Christina Stind I'm trying to finish it as well. I have the 2006 edition of the book and I'm working off of that - but I would like to read the books added later as well.
Currently I've read 28, I think, not a lot but I don't count books I read before joining goodreads.
Laura, I agree with you. If they put the book on the first list, it must be worth reading. That's why I still want to read the old list. However, the new has a bit more international flavor and I like that - so I'm going to go for these books as well...

message 17: by Lorena (new)

Lorena (lorenalilian) I have the list, the combined list (I'm a list lover) and have read 28 books from it. I really would like to have the chance to read them all.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Lorena: that is what I'm doing. I figured about 50 need to be read a year since I have a life expectancey of 83 yrs. I should be done a little before I turn 80. I will try for more however.

message 19: by Lorena (new)

Lorena (lorenalilian) LOL! I know, I know ... I'm constantly picking books that are not on the list, and love them. I have a slight problem with the fact that some authors have several books in the list, while others got left out, but it is a good starting point for ideas.

I also have other lists going on ... the Bigger Read List, the Pulitzer Price, El Premio Planeta, etc ... I will never live long enough to fill them all, but one can always try!

message 20: by Christina Stind (new)

Christina Stind I plan on reading about 25 from the list a year. That way it will take me 40 years and I will be done when I'm about 70...
I figure these books will always be great/interesting reads and this way I will also have time to read all the new books that keep being published.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Ken: that is why my TBR list is huge. I hope I can actually read all the books on my list before I die. I think I am over 2100 books TBR. I better eat healthier.

message 22: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanddune) Re: #4 Laura. Thanks so so much for link. I found many to add to my read list. Delighted and astounded to find Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres there. It was the sort of book one lived as one read. I hope he has written many more.

message 23: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) What's the Bigger Read list? I've never heard of that one....

Has anyone ever been spoiled by a desc. in the 1001 book??? I've been surprised by some of their desriptions - although I wish I could think of a specific title - that gave away big events in the book.

message 25: by Dan (last edited Sep 13, 2009 06:44AM) (new)

Dan (theancientreader) Prettymisslara wrote: "This is the first time I have looked over this list and I must admit I am embarrassed. I refuse to admit in writing how many of these books I have read because it is sad. So very very sad. There ..."

Don't be discouraged about how many - or few - of the books from this list you've read. The criteria for a book getting on the list is kind of iffy and in my opinion not everything on it is great literature or even worth wasting time on. I'm in the 1001 Books group here on GR but I only use the list as one source for compiling my to-read list. None of the books in our Steinbeck Summer is on the list but I'll take any of them over a significant amount of the list any day.

message 26: by Dan (new)

Dan (theancientreader) Laura wrote: "Has anyone ever been spoiled by a desc. in the 1001 book??? I've been surprised by some of their desriptions - although I wish I c..."

Yes, quite a few of the reviews contain spoilers but what I've found even more disconcerting is the number of reviews that would lead one to believe the reveiwer has never even read the book.

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

I've read 174 and I can't say I'd put some of them on my "1001" list! I also think including sets (like Remembrance of Things Past) as a single item is a bit of a cheat.

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