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Announcing the January Book of The Month

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message 1: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments Cause I'm the illustrious book-picker-outer for January thanks to DenDen,

So, unless there are major objections, I've chosen Cormac McCarthy's The Road, boom!

Here is a link:

It's on my to-read list and I see that it's on a few others' as well. So hopefully that works for everyone.

Here's to surviving apocalypse in 2008!

message 2: by Steve (new)

Steve Tenebrini (tenebrini) | 10 comments Sounds good to me.

I saw No Country for Old Men over the long weekend and am ready to read one of that guy's books.

I finish Eggers tonight.

message 3: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments Super dupes. Who else is in on this one?

I saw NCFOD and it's is fucking amazing, I would love to read that too. (And see it again, the sound direction was incredble.)

So, cool.

message 4: by Steve (new)

Steve Tenebrini (tenebrini) | 10 comments I started reading this last night. It's hard to put down. Mostly because there are no chapters and I generally use them to plan my reading sessions.

Without chapters I just kept reading and reading, until I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get back to work. I'm about 1/4 through it after one sitting.

message 5: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments Last night I started reading

I was a little freaked out to go bed when I stopped at 1am. Zow. So far, it's awesome.

I really want to talk about a couple of specific scenes, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone not there yet. Eeep. I will say two words: Lightning, Truck.

message 6: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments It's not too rough in this book....cause there ain't a ton of people to speak. LOLZRZ!

message 7: by Steve (last edited Jan 09, 2008 07:56AM) (new)

Steve Tenebrini (tenebrini) | 10 comments I finished the book over the weekend.

I had read a bunch of negative reviews of this book so I guess without getting into discussion before people are ready, all I'll say is that I enjoyed it and if this is not one of his better books (according to the naysayers) I'm looking forward to reading one of his "good" ones.

Having young kids myself this book was a little disturbing. I've started stockpiling canned goods and shotgun shells.

message 8: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments I'm about 2/3 of the way through now after last night. I'm really loving the language, so if this is maligned as less than his normal work, I'm floored.

I can only imagine how upsetting and freakish this would be if I had children. I'm pulling for them...

message 9: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments And I finished it last night. Definitely both of the fastest and better reads for me in a long long time.

Dag. There is so much to talk about but I don't want to ruin anything for other group dorks. I was SO PISSED because I took a risk and read a wikipedia entry on McCarthy yesterday afternoon when I had about 40 pages left and of course my eye trailed down a few lines and read the end of the plot summary.


Even so, it was super.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow, I haven't been on Goodreads in so long I had no idea we were having GP NERDZ BOOK KLUB!!!!

I will have to play catch up the next few months I guess. :)

I haven't read any of the spoilers in this thread for The Road but I will have to pick it up when I'm finished with the book I'm reading now.

Damn, I already have a pile of things to read in the next few months. I might have to quit my job.

message 11: by Steve (new)

Steve Tenebrini (tenebrini) | 10 comments A bleak picture painted indeed. Having 2 small children I can't even imagine dealing with those circumstances.

message 12: by strawberryluna (new)

strawberryluna | 11 comments I really liked it, which seems unpossible given the plot. But there it is.

I am going to message the person that I have selected for February's book-chosererer now.


message 13: by Michael (new)

Michael | 8 comments i've been crowned book king for february by the fabulous luna.

anyway, i just started 'what is the what' by dave eggers. here's the story:

so if everyone is down (or up, depending on how you swing) that's my pick.

message 14: by Steve (new)

Steve Tenebrini (tenebrini) | 10 comments Works for me. It's taken the better part of 6 months for me to work through it so I figure I can probably read the last 2 chapters by the end of February.

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