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werewolf romance books?
Arub Arub Dec 06, 2012 10:16AM
hi guys... Does anyone know of any werewolf books where two people are mates... I know this is stereotypical but i love the sort where the girl is human and the guy is a pack alpha, and the guy has a jealous streak. At first the girl and the guy fight alot because she doesnt like his masochistic behaviour and stuff. Maybe theres a jealous ex-girlfriend that tries to take the guy away from the girl but the girls not gunna back down coz thats her mate.
It's not neccesary that the girl be a human or that there be an ex. But that they dont start of on the best terms and hes an alpha...yh thats hot.
Oh and maybe one or two steamy scenes.One book like this is
Thanks xThe Mating

Caitlin belgard- the book youre looking for is Blood Law by Karen Table!

TheLoneWolf (last edited May 22, 2015 09:00PM ) May 22, 2015 08:59PM   1 vote
I don't think this comment will really matters but I made this account just to answer it. On wattpad (an amazing way to read the writings of other people, and to write your own stories, if you don't already know about it.) There is this book called "The Alpha Meets The Rogue" which I loved <3.

I'm looking for a book I read years ago where the human is the alphas true mate and she's in danger possibly and he takes her back to his pack and there's a jealous female who wants the alpha and they have to do a mating run through the woods while naked and whoever catches the female mates with her and her alpha has to fight another male who's trying to mate with the human and I think she ends up finding out she can shift too and they ended up with each other and mate right outside the woods

I didn't see your post here. Actually I have the same recommendation:

I think you'll like Lauren Dane. She's written a couple of were/shifter series that are similar to Nicky Charles. In fact, it's what lead me here :)

Cherchez Pack Series
Ascension (Cherchez Pack #1)
Fire and Rain (Cherchez Pack #2)

*unfortunately, these are it for the series. I kind of hoped she'd continue more, but I think she switched publishers.*

I didn't get a chance to read these yet but I've heard some good things.

Cascadia Wolves Series

Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves, #1)
Tri Mates (Cascadia Wolves, #2)
Reluctant (Cascadia Wolves, #3)
Wolf Unbound (Cascadia Wolves, #4)
Standoff (Cascadia Wolves, #5)
Fated (Cascadia Wolves, #6)

Feral sins (the Phoenix pack) suzanne wright would be right up your street :)

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole - It really doesn't get much better than this, tbh. The female isn't human, tho. She's half vamp. The guy is an alpha and controlling as fuck. Plus, he's shitty that his mate is a half vamp, so there is fighting. This is the second book in the IAD series, but the first book is a novella, and you don't really need to read it. It's called The Warlord wants Forever. Good book. The hero is a vamp, and he's extremely jealous. You should read it.

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole - This is the 4th book in the IAD series. The hero is a werewolf and the heroine is a witch. There's also a dead ex who comes back to life, but there's a twist. The only problem is you really should read book three before reading this one. It's kind of connected. Book three is one of my absolute favorites of the series, so I recommend it. I recommend the whole series, tbh. It's filled with alpha males and great sex. No one writes a sex scene quite like Kresley.

The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston - This is the first book of the Pride series. It has two stories in it. It's not exactly what you're asking for, but it's good. The first story has a male lion shifter and a human woman. The second story involves a male lion shifter and a female wolf shifter. Both stories have jealously, controlling males, and hot sex.

The Beast in Him by Shelly Laurenston - This is the second book in the Pride series. The male is a wolf shifter, and the female is an African wild dog shifter. He's the alpha of his pack, and there's jealously and great sex.

I read this one story once (I can't remember the name and it's a shame I wanted to read it again) but it was with a werewolf pack and i think there were witches in it. Witches were evil though. I can't remember the name tho....It was good.

Hi Miranda. I think the book you are looking for is one of Kirsten Ashley books

Hey I've been trying to find this book for a while, but does anyone know about a book where a girl who was taken away for protection from the pack and goes back when she's like 18 or around that age and she's blond and skinny and the rest of the women are really "exotic" and she falls in love with the alpha, but theres this other girl who's trying to win his heart and the alpha owns a furniture store and he made most of the stuff in the store. PLEASE HELP!!!

Megan, I think you are looking for The Mate: Chosen by the alpha

Hello, I'm looking for a were shifter series I read a few years ago about a woman who was a runt of the pack. Her parents were ashamed of her because she didn't turn at the age she was supposed to. Her pack treated her like a slave. Her unknowing mate has his own pack but hears things bad things about her pack so he sends some of his pack members to investigate. Eventually they meet and find out they are true mates.

In the second book they find out they are descendants of the sun and moon. She gets pregnant with triplets and could die from the birth.

In the third book they go to war against another pack...

If someone can help me find this book series I would REALLY appreciate.

I'm looking for a book which i read a while back but forgot it's name, it was about an over weight curvy female werewolf that has been mistreated by her family because of her size, and no matter how hard she tried she justt never lost weight, so her parents sold her to a wealthy man who owns a successful company and he's a banned alpha werewolf, he got banned because he killed a member of the shifters government idk what they were called but anyways, he him because he raped and murdered a member of his pack, so he bought her because he wanted a good fuck a shape shifter like him so he wouldn't hold back, but then he doesn't force her to do anything against her will and teaches her to love herself and lots of things happens and they fall in love blah blah blah i really want to know the name of the book i tried everything but i still can't find it

Hi, basically the two main characters argue a lot in the beginning. I think they were both quite old and he was the alpha and owned his own club and so one pushes her in the club, on instinct he catches her and since they touched they can tell they're mates, which they're upset about. Later on I think she gets poisoned by silver and in the end he decides he'll help so he sucks the silver out of her blood and she lives. What's the book called? Would like to reread it. Thanks.

I read a book called Prince Of Wolves by Quinn Loftis and really enjoyed it, maybe you will too. It has the guy (Fane) being an alpha and she (Jacque) is kinda human (to start with)and they are mates. But before he can claim her they realise that the alpha in town already has claimed her so there's lots of tension. It's full of sarcasm and humor that had me laughing my head off and i could't put it down (I would stay up late just to finish that "one last page"). There is great characters, including her two best friends, Sally and Jen,(who the next books in the series are about) and although there's no jealous ex-girlfriend you get a jealous Fane instead. I think you would enjoy it so please try it!

have you tried the Mercy Thompson series or Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs?

I read a book a while back and cant remember the name or author. Its a shifter romance, wolf if i remember right. Im pretty sure it was about a young female being in love with the pack beta for her whole life but he is indifferent until she decides to move on. Its not wicked cravings by suzanne wright but its a long those lines. Im pretty sure he is the one who trains all the young wolves to fight. One part all the young wolves go to a bar and she gets really drunk and they call him to come pick her up....Im hoping someone knows what book Im talking about.

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I am trying to remember the name of a book where the women is running away from a stalker that has been following her since she was a child. The werewolf stalker attacked her as a child and removed her womb to make her his in the future. The women falls in love with a man that protects her and heals her scars. I would like to reread this book, and would like to know the name of it again. Thank you to anyone that can help.

Christina the book you are searching for is called. Unique,different,found.

Zaza wrote: "I'm also looking for one book I really want to reread. Its about the heroine the runt off the pack bring sold to the hero who is a rogue alpha looking for a mate.
But I can't remember the author o..."

Avi wrote: "hi. can someone please help me find a book about a human and a werewolf? I only remember the first scene of the book, where the wolf/hero has been following/ stalking/keeping track of the heroine. ..."

Maryam wrote: "the breeds!!!"

Hi I'm looking for the name of a book about a teenage girl that is a military brat and who's parents decide to have her live with her paternal grandmother in their home town. Once there she later becomes pursued by a boy who's a werewolf (and her mate) and learns that she is one as well and is gonna turn on her 18th birthday. Then as the story continues there's a time where she's joins the boys varsity team at her school and befriends her human teammates. She turns out to be their secret weapon due to her abilities. Then at the end she and her mate have a cub that is stolen because the baby will be one of the most powerful werewolves. But she and her mate rescues him and she kills the kidnapper. I forgot the name of this book and it's author, but want to read again, any answers will be much appreciated.

hey people. so I'm looking for a book I read (who isn't?) and I can't remember the name .-. it's about a girl who finds out she's a (you guessed it) werewolf. her mate rejects her but she can have a second chance mate who turns out to be twins. her boyfriend before all of this hurt her :) help

Morgan Rook Sounds like it might be The Fairy Tales Don't exist series by Sophie Summers.
Book one: Alexia Eden
Book two: Angel Blackwood

Sep 10, 2017 09:53PM

the breeds!!!

Looking for a book title. I read it a few years ago and it was part of a series. It was about an alpha wolf who's first wife was a warlock and she betrayed him and destroyed his pack. years later he goes to another warlock and is given a virgin to mate with. the town doesn't trust her and is sometimes mean to her. she has some magic and helps save people in the town. I think that she ends up turning into a wolf...but I'm not sure. They end up mating and she is accepted into the pack. The warlock is really good although people think that he is bad.

hi. can someone please help me find a book about a human and a werewolf? I only remember the first scene of the book, where the wolf/hero has been following/ stalking/keeping track of the heroine. she is attacked in her house by some goons and the hero saves her (of course). She faints. For the life me I cant remember what happens next or what the name of the book was.
Help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you:)

And after the first night of third lovemaking at his place, they go to a card were she seduces him back to his place because she doesn't want to talk about herself to him <---- I think I got this right

i can't find this book
its about these two guys who are werewolf and they are best friends.they both end up having the same mate.
their mate is a human women.
i don't know any names but in the end of the book the girl gets pregnant
and the three of them live happily with a baby on the way
help please


Hi Miranda you're describing Kristen Ashley - With Everything I Am


Hi I read this book a while back but can't find it again cos I just happened upon it while looking for something else but I can't remember the name of it!! It was about a lone werewolf who helps at a lone shifter shelter and she is helping a young orphaned werewolf reconnect with his uncle or something but end up falling in love with the uncle! And his pack helps them fight another pack who want to take over the shelter!! Sorry it's a bit vague but I would love to read it again so if u can help I really appreciate!! Xx

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Sherrilyn Kenyon's Were Hunter series is really good. Definetly recommend.

I've already read prince of wolves! But thanks x

I'm trying to place book i read sometime back. The hero is an alpha and he is bonded to the h since birth but she witnesses him with another woman when they are supposed to mate so she leaves. The hero comes back several years later to help with their son's phasing for the first time. They come back to where the pack lives and some male admirer also comes searching for them. There is a kidnapping of one other boy and also the son. Please tell me the name of this book.

Pls have anyone read this book. About a woman who wields black magic which is rear and also wants to mate with the alpha of a pack who doesn't have many females that succeed childbirth and also becomes adopted by the pack division leader

Hey! Im looking for this book i read before where a girl has two possible mates. One she lokes but one she doesn't but he kidnapps her. The one she likes is in law enforcement.

Hi, I am looking for a book where the heroine has a boyfriend who is abusive and the heroine accidentally mates with a wolf shifter. The werewolf then has to fight the abusive ex boy friend and keep his mate safe. In the end they realize that his mate is also a shifter and she shifts into a beautiful wolf.

Hi I'm looking for a book I would really like to retread it is about a rogue alpha who knows he won't get a mate because he is a outcast so he buys the runt of another pack. They fall in love with each other but an the council of werewolf does something and they have to see if they are really in love or if the alpha manipulated her. I also know he had molten silver poured into his chest/back

Psy\Changelig series by Nalini Singh. Best shapeshifter\mating series in the world ;)

Auden wrote: "Looking for a book where it starts with the main female character kidnapped as a kid. She is locked up in an underground place with a young werewolf boy and she tells him not to shift. They end up ..."

Did you ever find the name of this book?

Hi Guys,
I am looking for a book where the main female lead is suppose to be a human. In the story she end up mating with an werewolf. And in the end when her mate thought that she will die, she shift and turn into an werewolf. She realizing that she her parents have been asking her to take medicine to suppress her from shifting.

Thank you! Hope that you all can help me with the book name. (:

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a werewolf romance. A woman (daughter of the previous alpha) is sick and tired of seeing her mate (the new alpha) sleep around, so she waits until her little brother comes of age to leave the pack. She owns a bar and her paperwork to leave the pack was in a red folder. She leaves for another pack, but her mate finds her because his beta has a child with a woman from her new pack.
Help is very much appreciated! :)

hi i am trying to find the name of a book i read its about five alphas get sent to a small town to get rid of the werewolf problem but then meet a woman with a cabin next to theirs and in the end she ends up pregnant and mated to all five alphas

I'm looking for a book...woman is kidnapped and taken to a house where a pack of werewolves tell her that she has to choose a mate and he will become alpha..she ends up falling in love with two men.. I think there were werecats involved the alphacat cant get pregnant

HELP - I will PAYPAL someone $5 if they can find this novel/series. Here is the info

One book is a witch who's mother wants her to take over the coven

One book is about a witch who is called into town by a friend. She is short and petite. The hero is a mutildemensional werewolf who owns a bar. She is a witch and in one scene uses blood protections on his car. During the end battle the witch is shot and almost dies and her friends mother is killed leaving her head of the coven. Please reply her or email me at jennifer01usa at hotmail dot come. When I verify this is the series I will paypal you the money

I'm looking for a werewolf book where this girl mated with her mate,but then runs away to college to get away with him,goes into heat,and he comes and mates with her before he adheres to her wish for him to leave her alone. That was the beginning of it! Read this excerpt in back of a book,but now can't find the book to get the name of this book to buy it! Help! Really want to read it!

Morgan Rook Based on the synopsis it sounds like it could be Brindle by V. Vaughn. If it is not the right book, this book has a very similar premise that you migh ...more
Sep 10, 2017 11:25PM

@emily w that's the tales of lunarmorte by Samantha young :)

Hi I also have a book that I've been trying to figure out the author and name of the book.. it's in a series and it's probably 3rd or 4th. there's a leader of the pack I think a big cat or wolf, and he's found his mate but he's taking it slow cuz she was freed from being a captive in a previous book. She's a small animal shifter (small cat, ferret, don't remember) but she's going up in the pack (becoming an enforcer or omega I think). One of the scenes that I really remember is the one of the first where she surprise attacks the guy to help him to keep on his toes. If anyone can help please! I've been trying to figure it out for at least 2 years!

I'm the Vampire, That's Why (Broken Heart Vampires, #1) by Michele Bardsley wolves and vampires are the main characters. each book is about a different couple.
Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, #1) by L.A. Banks
The Cajun's Captive (Stormy Weather, #1) by Selena Blake
The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark, #1) by Kresley Cole the wolfs are in most every book, but each book is about a different couple.

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