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Has anyone read this?

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message 1: by Lithia (new)

Lithia I heard a rumor that Accidental Dreams and Mysterious Revelation(s) were never published.

message 2: by Margaret (new) - added it

Margaret Chind It's true. I searched everywhere for them since I liked the first two so much, but apparently the first two did not sell well enough in comparison to Mandie.

message 3: by Marlena (new)

Marlena H I'd heard that the publishing company went out of business and rights were not possible to get back, but it looks like Random House published the first two, so unless she went to a different publisher with the second two, I'm not sure what to believe. She did state at one point that she was trying to get the rights back for them, but from whom I do not know (I think this might have been in an email to me since I contacted her to ask) or why she lost those rights. She died almost ten years ago, so I doubt anyone is fighting to get these books printed, but who knows.

I still want to read these books and it's been twenty-one years since they didn't publish. If they ever do come out I will get a copy as soon as I hear about it.

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