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ایران هسته ای؟

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message 1: by Maysam (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:28AM) (new)

Maysam | 8 comments سلام دوستان کسایی که مایل به بحث در مورد انرژی هسته با مردمی از نقاط دیگه دنیا هستند برن به این تاپیک

message 2: by Maysam (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:29AM) (new)

Maysam | 8 comments ببینید من نمیدونم ما با این منابع محدود اورانیم چرا داریم بازم خودمونو به بیگانگان محتاج میکنیم.اصلا میدونید ما چه قدر از این اورانیم رو میتونیم تامین کنیم؟
اصلا میدونید کشورهایی مثل کانادا چند برابر ما دارند؟
من نمیدونم کی (لعنتی!) این پست رو نوشته، کاره من نبوده!

message 3: by laila (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:29AM) (new)

laila | 1 comments I wonder how some people can be so unaware in this age of information .our nuclear matter has been lots of times declared on TV, newspapers, sites ,etc and we r shouting that we have no nuclear weapon and no plan to use such thing. According to our politics and doctorines as an islamic country ,it is not the army power which saves the country. The true power is GOD on whom our only trust lays. I have examples to prove this: we all know that ISRAEL has nuclear weapon and HIZBULLAH of LIBAN isn't so developped nation in weapons and has no nuclear weapon. But as we witnessed last year liban defeated the zionisme in just 33 days. So if nuclear can do sth it would be usefull for israel. Another instance is the 8 year war between IRAN and IRAQ in which all the world were supporting iraq by chemical weapons , and iran had no orgonised army nor enough weapon again she could defeat iraq. U know why? The answer is simple but deep, it's just divine aid and we have lots of documental reasons and stories to prove that. So with this belief our plans never depend on nuclear weapons and now we have healthy nuclear technology made by iranian experts in spite of all deprivations by other countries and use in a peacefull way.

message 4: by Maysam (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:29AM) (new)

Maysam | 8 comments Great, i agree with u.

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