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Bob Nardo I saw a couple of negative reviews of Rafe's book in this chain. one lady in particular criticized Rafe for lacking humility. I suppose you could reach that conclusion if you read the book hastily and knew nothing else about him or his kids. In the text, Rafe explains how he teaches his kids to strive for level 6 behavior, in which you do the right thing NOT because you want your teachers or other kids to reward or compliment you, but because it's your code. Indeed some of the best stories in his book are about kids who did the right thing when no one was watching. In a country where too many people scoff at high expectations and the No Child Left Behind Act because they don't believe poor kids can succeed, Rafe is simply showing what can be done when we work hard and be nice.

Sarah I have met Rafe Esquith and he is very humble. I highly recommend all his books especially Real Talk for Real Teachers.

Papaphilly Someone will always criticize as is their right. However it does not make them right.

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