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ashleymarie Carson was standing outside of the kingdoms doors. He's thick arm were folded over his chest. He has his hoodie on. His Spiky black hair was sticking out of his hoodie. He narrowed his Icy blue eyes scanning around the area.

" Im going to make people proud of me. Just wait and see."

His smoky breath carried through the wind as he exhaled.

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ashleymarie Carson winced when he heard someone walking his way. He turned his head over getting a glimpse of one of the princesses. He took a step back away from the doors and bowed his head down in respect, due to her presents. He then lifted himself back up, without saying a word he turned back around to keep his eye out of any out-coming danger.
wait a minute, what is the Princess doing out here without protection? he thought to himself and turned back around and looked at her. His eyebrow slightly raised like he was almost giving her a disappointed look.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Gwen rushed towards the palace. She had so foolishly lost track of time and now she was late for work. She silently cursed herself as she ran through the gates of the beautiful palace and into the gardens, turning left around the fountain and darting through the flower garden paths. She finally arrived at the stables, her hair a tangled mess and her uniform splattered with mud. She looked a right mess. Gwenevere tried as best she could to smooth down her long red locks, before she scratched that idea and pulled it back into a messy ponytail. Yep, she was a stunner. She groaned softly and moved over to the stalls, her turquoise eyes shining in the early morning light of day. She cooed softly to the horses and moved to Moon's stall, rubbing the mare's nose softly. "Hey girl, how's the baby coming along?"

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Hailey quietly shut the front door behind her, hoping that the door closing didn't wake up her dad, or worse her siblings. She wouldn't be able to deal with them begging her to stay. She walked silently to the barn. Her mare Valetie nickered quietly. She tacked up the horse and started to lead her out of the barn. She heard a woof from behind her and turned around. The black and white sheepdog padded forward, his eyes pleading her to take him too.

"Trip, go away," She hissed. The dog barked once, a little louder. "Ya can't come! Now away with ya."

The dog just sat down and stared at her. Wagging its tail, the dog barked once more, a little louder than before. Fearing her dad would come and investigate, Hailey sighed.

"All right fine, you can come along. But I don't want any complaints from you." She mounted the horse and Trip walked forward to stand beside her. "Off we go then. Away to find destiny," Hailey said and urged Valetie forward. The horse took off and the girl breathed her first breath of freedom.

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ashleymarie Carson let out a sigh. He looked around to see if any other guards, knights.. Well just straight out people were around. He knew it was against the law to talk to the Princess.

"It's not that I'm mad, I'm worried, your not safe here when your out in the op-"

"Carson!" A loud voice interrupted him when he was in mid sentence. A large man walked over to Carson and the Princess. "I'm sorry miss, he's still in training," he told her and bowed down asking for forgiven from Carson being foolish.

Carson rolled his eyes as Joe Continuously bowed, and bowed, and just to spice thing up a bit; bowed again. Carson chuckled a bit when he realized Joe was making himself look lie a twitchy idiot. He placed his hand over his mouth to his his laughter out of Joe's humiliation.

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Like* ( Spelling Nazi! Lol ik what you meant ash. Just like to pick on you)

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Moon neighed softly and Gwen smiled, leaning her head against the horse's. "Your foal will be beautiful. I just know it!" she laughed happily, petting the mare's soft velvety nose. "Just as beautiful as you!" she added, then broke away from the horse and moved outside into the gardens. She just needed a little fresh air. It was not that she did not love being around the horses, it was the only time she actually felt happy, but it was more the fact her life was hell. She longed to be of royalty or simply just to be free. There was still a gaping hole in her heart that should have been filled with her twin sister, Ellie. She missed having women in her family. She was surrounded by boys. She loved them all more than she could say, but she just wished that half her family had not been taken from her and the remainder.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) At dawn, they reached Aimscott, which was three towns away from her house. She halted Valetie and looked around. The inn was open so she made her way to it. Inside it was empty, although that was to be expected at dawn. She walked to the bar where the barman was cleaning some glasses.

"What can I do for you?" He asked her.

"Do you know how far it is to the capital?" She asked. If it wasn't too far away, she could probably get there before nightfall.

"It's a week to get there. I should know since I have family there."

A week?! She knew it was far, but she didn't expect it to take a week. She nodded and walked back towards the door.

"Would you like a room?" The barkeep asked.

"No thank you. I have a long journey and have to get going," she replied and exited the inn.

"Poor girl. She shouldn't be traveling by herself," the man said to the dog, who realizing that his mistress had left, raced out the door and down the road to catch up with the galloping horse.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Lita pulled her cloak closer to her shawled body as she walked down the cobblestone street, the strong smell of spices drifting to her nose and causing her mouth to water slightly. She hadn't wanted to step foot out of her ramshackle cottage today, but needs must. And she was out of food. So off to the market place it was. She was acutely aware of the stares of disgust she recieved as she now dodged through the throngs of people, hood overshadowing her feautures purposley to make sure her face wasnt visible to any passers by. Although lonley at times, being avoided did have its perks. Such as now. The crowd seemed to part for her, to ensure that nobody got to close. Although still the nagging feeling of lonliness still ached within. She was, as she had been for the past couple of years now, utterly alone.

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Art walked through the Palace with his hands in his pocket. He looked around see if anyone was watching Him he let out a loud sigh when a knight was standing up against the door his his large bold arms folded around his cest. He looked at him and started to back away to find another escape. He noticed a opened window and ran over to it and jumped out of it. A fell down a story before he hopped back on his feet. He looked up at the window and smirked "to easy," he said to himself and started walking away from the kingdom.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) ((Because I'm bored and want my character to interact with some people, I'm going to have her arrive at the capital.))

When the trio reached the capital, all were tired. Hailey was dirty and hungry, the mare had a cut on her leg from running into a particularly thorny bush, and the dog was exhausted from running those last three miles in front of the horse. Hailey had tried to bandage up the mare as best as she could, but a vet could do better. Except that cost money, which she didn't have.

They had to resort to sleeping outside, which she didn't mind except for when it rained or when it was cold. The snow didn't help matters either. She had to steal some apples from an orchard. Stealing was against her morals, but they were starving. Luckily they'd managed to get away without the owner getting a good look at her face.

She looked around, trying to figure out where she could get work. Once she had money and a decent place to stay, she could figure out what to do next. She saw a fountain and walked over to it. She washed her face and fixed her hair. No one would hire her if she looked like a mess. She looked down at her clothes which were stained with mud and dirt.

There's nothing I can do about that, she thought.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Elizabeth moved quickly, she rushed to collect all her things to make the arrival by noon. She despised being late but at times could not help it. She grabbed her grey cloak and put it on. She quickly grabbed the order papers, the rough parchment crinkling as she stuffed them in her leather pouch. "Papa, did you load the shipment?" Elizabeth shouted across the counter. "Just finished, you best hurry" he called from upstairs. Elizabeth rushed out the door, she saw the crowd outside and frowned. She went around the house, she grab the reins of her horse, Renee. she gently led her outside the gate, she would have to enter on the other side due to the crowd.

Once she reached the outer gate she was let in. She slowed down the horse and left it with the gatekeeper. She pulled down the heavy saddle bag and set it on her shoulders. She never ceased to admire the beauty of the castle. She walked inside and sought help from the guard "Pardon me, but would you happen to know where I might be able to bring the weaponry shipment? I believe they were due at noon."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Hailey looked around at the bustling crowds. No one glanced at her. Then again no one really ever pays attention to a shepherd's daughter. Her horse bumped her shoulder, causing the girl to stumble forward a bit. She turned around and glared at the horse who flicked one ear.

"What?" She asked. The gray horse looked towards the castle. "Oh no, I'm not going there. You have to be royalty or someone who works at the castle to live there. There's no chance I"ll find a job there."

Trip took ahold of her skirt and tugged on it.

"Trip stop!" She yelled. The dog continued to tug on it until she stepped forward. Then he let go and wagging his tail, ran towards the castle, bounding through the crowd like he was mist.

Sighing, she ran after the dog, her horse trotting after her. She caught up to the dog just as he squeezed under the closing gate. She looked up at the sky.

"Can this day get any worse?" She asked and got no reply. "I really don't want to climb over the wall," she muttered. But seeing as she had no other choice and after checking there wasn't a guard in sight, she climbed the wall with great difficulty, almost falling off three times. She jumped off the wall, landing into a hay pile.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) ((Can someone from the castle please help my character? She is there to deliver the weapons from the kingdom blacksmith))

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ashleymarie One of the knights walked over to Carson and pointed to him;
Smoke in the distance.
"Go see what's over there, to me it seems like a threat," Joe told him.
Carson nodded. Should he go and see? Or meet the princess in the courtyard like she asked? To him saving the kingdoms was way more important to him. He jumped on a black Frisian horse and kicked his side. The horse galloped away towards to unknown smoke.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Slowly Gwenevere slid down the wall of the stable building until she was sitting flat on the ground, her back to the beautiful wood that made up the stables. She leaned her head back against the wall, her fiery red hair falling over her shoulder as she closed her beautiful turquoise eyes. Gwen sighed heavily and breathed in the comforting scent of the mixture of hay, horses and wood. Despite how calming it was, Gwen could not seem to settle. Once again, she sighed, then lifted her head from her knees, opening her beautiful eyes to the world once again. The gardens seemed to be bustling with activity and Gwen simply sat where she was, just a lowly stablehand watching as the royalty of the kingdom she lived in went about their business. Gwenevere yearned for the freedom being of the high class seemed to offer. She longed to be a part of the magnificent balls and feasts held by the king and his family. She would give anything to wear a beautiful satin gown of the finest material, her skirts flowing around her legs as she danced each night away. She wanted happiness and wealth, but most of all she wanted love. She was starting to believe that she would never get these things, no matter how hard she tired.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) ((Ahhhh.... All my mistakes! Ugh... Sorry, on my phone so if anyone's planning on interacting with Gwen, that paragraph is really bad... Plus it's ten past one in the morning, so the creative juices aren't really flowing... I'll fix it up tomorrow.))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Having collected what she deemed necassary, Lita departed from the center of the city, and as she reached the short street which led away from the market square, was joined by her cat. Her brown cloak billowed out behind her as she moved her feet swiftly untill she came to the outskirts of Isolde. The city was beautiful, she had to admit. Much more magnificant than her earlier home in the middle of know where, the nearest village even smaller than most and describable as 'quaint'. She stepped into the lush forests, entering the green undergrowth and finally her stature relaxed somewhat, for she knew that very few ventured into the woods of Isolde, for fear of the unknown. Which was why she had decided to make the woodland her home. She kept her hood up, her face still overshadowed and would to until she reached her cottage. Even if rarely any people approached the secluded forest. She wasnt one to take chances.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Hailey climbed out of the hay pile, brushing the straw off her clothes. Her dog walked up to her, his tail wagging.

"You're in trouble. I just climbed a wall to get you. You do realize that trespassing is a felony right? I could get put to death," she told him. The dog just looked at her blankly, not understanding a word of what she said.

She looked around at her surroundings. She was on the castle grounds, somewhere near one of the entrances. She looked up at the gate. There was no way she was getting out that way. Not unless she wanted to explain to the guard there that she got in by climbing the wall.

Now what? She thought.

Well, you did think about wanting to become a knight, her mind said.

Yes, and the key word is thinking, she replied. Besides, where would I go to sign up and would they even accept girls to become knights?

You'll never know unless you try, her mind said.

Sighing, Hailey set off across the grounds, looking for anyone who might know where she could sign up to become a knight, or a squire at least. She didn't know much about knighthood but she did know that they started off as squires. If she wasn't able to become a knight, then maybe she could find another job at the castle.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Gwenevere was just about to return to the horses, when she caught sight of a girl. Who clearly did not belong here. Gwen didn't even recognise her from town. She stood up from her sitting position, and watched as the girl climbed the fence, her dog already inside. God only knew how he had managed to get in. She narrowed her eyes ever so slightly and checked that the coast was clear, before she began making her way to the girl. Gwen was just curious, that was all. She did not intend on driving the girl away. Maybe she was seeking a job. Gwen sighed and began walking towards the stranger, her eyes fixed on the girl at all times. Gwenevere cleared her throat and stepped towards the girl. "What are you doing here?" she asked. Her tone wasn't so much rude, but curious. "Because you clearly do not belong here..." she added, praying she wasn't coming off as rude.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Hailey jumped. She turned around, feeling scared, knowing that she'd been caught.

What, did you think that you could stroll in here without drawing attention? Her brain asked.

"No, you're right. I shouldn't be here. And how I got here is because of my dog," she said, gesturing to the sheepdog beside her. "I was trying to get my dog back and I'm looking for a job. I can leave if you want me to."

Actually, considering that you were trespassing, it's probably best that you do leave, her brain replied.

Who asked you? She snapped.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Gwen managed to give the girl a slight smile, before she glanced at the dog. "He's beautiful," she said softly, letting the dog sniff her hand, before she ran it through his soft fur. Her temperament always softened when there was an animal present.
"Sorry... And no, it's fine. I'm a stablehand here, so I shouldn't even be telling you off. I live in the town. My name's Gwenevere, or just Gwen," she said, giving the girl another smile. "What sort of job were you searching for?" she asked quietly, pushing her red hair back over her shoulder.

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ashleymarie Carson led his horse, Annexes through the woods. He pulled on the reigns being him go into a slow trot to a walk. The sell of the smoke was getting closer. He jumped off his horse and threw the reigns over his head and grabbed his sowed from out of the saddle holder it was in. He walked in closer and looked around for any movement.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) ((Can Carson help Elizabeth when he gets back? She needs to make a weapon delivery))

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ashleymarie ((sure thing! :)))

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Hailey smiled. "That's a pretty name. I'm Hailey," she said. "I was hoping that I could maybe become a knight. If not, then maybe a maid. I'm open to anything really."

Trip wagged his tail as Gwen petted him. He just met her but he loved her already. He looked back and forth between both girls and then flopped on the ground, trying to relieve the itch on his back.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Gwen's laugh was like a soft tinkling bell. She knelt down beside Trip and petted his head. "You're a beautiful boy," she said, an ever present smile on her face. She glanced up again at Hailey and stood. "Hailey is a beautiful name. And a knight? That is an unusual request for a lady, but I don't see why not. And you don't really want to be a maid. That bunch is a bore to day the least. I'm the only stablehand, but it doesn't bother me. I quite like it."

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ashleymarie (I'm just going to skip the battle so I can RP with you))

Carson walked back into the woods where he left his horse. He stopped placing one hand on his horses main and the other down in frount of him. He looking down at the mixed colored leaves, breathing hard as blood dribbled down his chin. After a while of caching his breath he jumped back on his horse and started going back to the kingdom.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) The guard ignored Elizabeth. She was not going to wander the castle forever. She had never done a direct run to the castle. She did not know where to go. She sighed and went outside by the stables. She stood next to Renee and fed her an apple from her bag. She waited to see anyone who might know where to direct her. She knew the order was going to be delivered later then noon. She was not fond of this particular delivery.

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ashleymarie Carson bright Annexes back down to the stables. He hopped off of him and walked him into his stall. He turned around a noticed he wasn't alone. He pulled down his sleeve and whipped the blood off of his chin. But his scrabs and bruses still remained. He looked over at her and hot a clearer look. She look like she needed Something. "Are you all set miss?" He asked cheaking to see if she needed any help with anything.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Elizabeth looked up from her deep thought. "I- Um, I just came to deliver the weapons for the knights, could you possibly direct me to where I may deliver them?" she asked softly. She was unused to speaking to people, she realized she was not acting in the proper way but she could not help it. She glanced up and saw he was injured "are you quite alright?"

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "I'm not exactly a proper lady, seeing as my father is a shepherd. Actually, my whole family has been shepherds since forever," Hailey said. She looked at her dog. "Don't let his cuteness fool you, he might be a sheepdog, but he can be as stupid as a rock sometimes."

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Gwen nodded, understanding where Hailey was coming from.
"Well, I suppose that makes sense," she said with a nod of her head. "I've been surrounded with no one but boys since I was little," Gwen added, purposely avoiding going into too much detail. "I live down in the village and my father is a merchant. My brothers are all practicing in different trades," she finished, running a hand through her red locks. "I've always enjoyed being around animals and I thought of no better job than being a stablehand here at the palace. One of my brothers is a knight."

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Hailey smiled. "Well, you have it better than me in terms of family. My two older sisters are already married and I have two younger twin brothers. The fact that your dad's a merchant is pretty neat," she said. "It's really cool that your brother is a knight."

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ashleymarie F34RFU1 R3D3MPTI0N wrote: "Elizabeth looked up from her deep thought. "I- Um, I just came to deliver the weapons for the knights, could you possibly direct me to where I may deliver them?" she asked softly. She was unused to..."

Carson blicked, nit really sure what to answer first. He sighed "well I'm a knight so i can take the delivery for you," He told her. "and yes, Im fine,"

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Applefrost wrote: "Art walked through the Palace with his hands in his pocket. He looked around see if anyone was watching Him he let out a loud sigh when a knight was standing up against the door his his large bold ..."

((Hey Apple, could Lita RP with Art please? :3))

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((Sure! :)))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) ((Thanks :3))

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((your welcome! how do you want to start up? Are characters are in two different places.))

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Ashley wrote: "F34RFU1 R3D3MPTI0N wrote: "Elizabeth looked up from her deep thought. "I- Um, I just came to deliver the weapons for the knights, could you possibly direct me to where I may deliver them?" she aske..."

Elizabeth nodded. She turned around and collected the sword shipment. She held the bag out "c-careful it's heavy" she murmured quietly. "A-are you sure you are alright?"

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ashleymarie Carson grabbed the bag and easily tossed it over his shoulder. "I'm fine," he smiled and used his free hand and whipped off his mouth getting off the rest of the blood.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Well, good day" Elizabeth said, quickly turning. She realized she might be expected to curtsy. She was unsure, her leg was in a homemade wooden splint. She turned back around and gave her best version of a curtsy and turned back to her horse and mounted.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Applefrost wrote: "((your welcome! how do you want to start up? Are characters are in two different places.))"

((Lita is in the forest, which is where her cottage is and Art just left the castle I think, so maybe he could go to the forests as well? :)))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) ?

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((OHH Sorry! lol okay sounds good.))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) ((Ok, do you wanna post Art going into the forest and maybe bumping into Lita, or something like that?))

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((okay one sec .))

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