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Quantum Thief - BlackWolves Master (NeverMagixx) | 7 comments Proluge:

It starts at the beginning at the border of the Kukiko Territory. In a small town of Istas an unknown prince by the name of Rhage Vxerx has a scar that looks like ice cracking on the whole left side of his face.Rhage calls it the Frozen Scar.This unknown prince lives chained up in a old stone basement when a oracle came to visit him.. This oracle tells him to go on a mission to search for the Ice Crown of Eryi. Then the oracle broke the chain around the unknown prince before disappearing into fog itself.Hesitantly,the unknown prince left the basement to venture outside with the only two swords on his back.

Soon he came across two one eyed spies, a forgotten prince,a forgetten thief,a rebel, twin archers and two mismatched eyed warriors all over town.They all welcome him with ease as they adventure into the unknown.When they entered a small town,the Unknown Prince gets kidnapped by the townspeople,only to be stabbed repeatedly.Enraged,Rhage's guard battled off the people then took Rhage to safety.Little did they know,danger surrounds them from all sides.

Quantum Thief - BlackWolves Master (NeverMagixx) | 7 comments Thank you i'll post the first chapter soon im just kinda busy right now

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Quantum Thief - BlackWolves Master (NeverMagixx) | 7 comments Chapter 1: Unknown Prince (part 1)


A large man slapped a teen boy with blue blackish hair across the face.

They were in a dark but badly lit basement underneath a crumbling tower in the outskirts of Istas city limits.

A second man stepped forward to kick the boy in the stomach.

The boy coughed up blood while a third man moved between the other two to lift up the boy's chin.

"You shall be known as the Unknown Prince Rhage Vxerz,"spat the third man.

Rhage looked back at him with liquid silver eyes that seem to lit up the right side of his face.

It showed a red -black mark that started at the forehead then ended in the middle of the cheek.

"You belong in the darkness unknown prince....forever,"continued the third man before nodding to his companions.

They nodded back just as they stepped behind Rhage to grab both his arms.

Pulling hard,there was a loud 'Pop! as the shoulders were dislocated.

Rhage screamed,making blood flow from his mouth to down his lips then to the ground.

Third man dropped Rhage's chin in disgust while his other hand pulled out a wicked knife.

With quick reflexes,Third man sliced deep gouges into Rhage's broken arms.

Rhage screamed again just as his head fell forward with more blood escaping his mouth.

Third man smiled almost to himself,but not before heading to the door.

First plus second man checked out the chains that were covered in blood.

Third whistled for them to hurry up and they quickly hurried outside.

Together the three of them sealed the heavy door shut on the basement.

"Blast it...,"whispered Rhage angrily.

As if in response,His Frozen started to form on his face,while pulsing lightly.

"Activate my Frozen Scar,"whispered Rhage.

Growing warm,Rhage's Frozen Scar sent down waves of warnth through his broken yet bruised body.

But when it touched the arms,Rhage screamed in agony,causing him to cough up more blood.

With a gentle touch,his Frozen Scar worked on healing the arms just as the rest of the body was being healed too.

Rhage closed his eyes so his scar could work its magic.

"They will pay...when I become prince...they will pay for hurting me,"slowly whispered Rhage.
In the city of Istas another teen boy stood leaning against a lamp post watching the night sky

The boy had short spikey black hair with long bangs in the front.

He wore a black eye patch over his lost left eye so only his right blue-green eye could be seen.

He also had on a black jacet trimmed with white fur on the colloar,a black long sleeve,blue jeans and black boots.

"Blaylock Rhev get your butt in here!"called out Mrs.Yves of the A'spela Foster Home.

"Just a few more minutes!"called back Blaylock.

"I'm giving you five so hurry up!"called out Mrs.Yves before slamming the door to the home shut.

Blaylock rolled his eyes when a loud scream from the outskirts caught him off guard.

"What the?!"he exclaimed.

Quickly he ran inside the home then up the stairs to the roof.

Pulling out his one lense binoculars,Blaylock looked into them at a crumbling tower just outside the city.

Turning a nob in the center,the lense zoomed in to three men sealing the heavy door shut.

Not before another scream escaped from within the darkness.

It shook Blaylock to his core as he peered in his binoculars at the three men.

One had dark brown hair with sunglasses on.

The second one had maroon hair and was also wearing glasses.

Last one though had cropped blonde hair while his eyes were a light purple.

He was busy licking the blood off his wicked knife.

Blaylock lowered his binocular with a shudder when he realized who was trapped within the tower.

"The Unknown Prince,"he murmured.

In seconds he put his binocular away as he bounded down the stairs to his room.

He made it with two minutes to spare when he saw Mrs.Yves starting her round of checking the rooms.

Slipping into his room,Blaylock closed the door then sat over on his window bench to look out the window.

He touched the cold when he spotted the tower with the prince inside.

"Soon,"was all Blaylock whispered.

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Quantum Thief - BlackWolves Master (NeverMagixx) | 7 comments (Part 3)

On the opposite side of town another teen boy imerged from a nightclub and headed down the sidewalk.

He had honey brown hair and a left almond brown eye while his right was covered by an eye patch.

"Qhuinn Rashane where you going?"called out a girl's voice from the nightclub.

"I'm heading home Dusty,"replied Qhuinn with his back to her.

"You forgot your fancy jacket though!"exclaimed Dusty.

She was holding in her hands a dark brown almost black long sleeve velvet jacket with gold lining plus buttons.

This time Qhuinn looked down at himself to see that Dusty was right.

"Thank you Dusty,"thanked Qhuinn when he reached her.

Dusty just smiled then went behind Qhuinn to put on his jacket for him.

"Have a pleasant night Dusty,"said Qhuinn when Dusty appeared infront of him again.

"Same to you Qhuinn,"thanked Dusty.

Qhuinn nodded his head then turn back around to continued on his way till he reach the Kepze Foster Home.

"There you are froghead,"spoke a slightly deep voice from the doorway.

"What do you want Rhain?"asked Qhuinn without looking up.

Rhain grinned just as his three companions moved pass him to grab Qhuinn.

They dragged him inside,but Qhuinn broke free to run up to the basement.

Until one of Rhain's jockeys grabbed him by the ankle to yank him down the stairs.

Soon there was a 'Pop!' the next Qhuinn was screaming while holding his maybe broken ankle.

"Hey back off Rhain!"threathen Lan,who came from the kitchen's hallway.

Lan was Qhuinn's roommate plus best friend with his light brown hair and blonde highlights hated Rhain including his jockeys.

"We were just leaving lets go guys,"mused Rhain while turning away then heading into the game room.

His three jockeys soon followed while Lan ran up the steps to Qhuinn lying on his back on the third floor section.

"Hang on Qhuinn,"said Lan knelting down at the bottom step.

"What happen Lan?"asked Chancey at the top of the third floor landing.

"Stupidhead and his eggheads might have twisted or broken Qhuinn's ankle,"explained Lan quickly.

Chancey nodded,but not before heading to a supply closet.

Several 'bangs' later,Chancey reappeared then joined Lan on the bottom step by Qhuinn's ankle.

Meanwhile in the outskirts of Istas,three men slowly made their way to the center of town where the city hall stood.

They headed to the front door,which was ajar,to slip inside where white marble colums stood tall to the ceiling.

" is our trapped Prince doing Jax?"asked a figure sitting in a large throne like velvet chair covered safely in shadows.

Jax with his blonde hair plus light purple eyes sank to his knees as his face touch the ground.

"Its going excellent my majesty,"said Jax.

"Excellent,"whispered the figure within the shadows.
Across from the city hall stood an old abandon cobble stone church.

Inside this church a teen boy.who has black hair plus red eyes was lying on the ground.

He was wearing a tattered a long short sleeve t-shirt,grey pants plus some black boots

The boy was lying on the ground on his back staring out of one of the large windows watching the clouds move by.

'Mayhem Raven.....,'thought whispered a voice in boy's head.

Mayhem's eyes widened then he was sitting bolt upright.

"Who are you?"demanded Mayhem.

There was no answer except for the old wooden thats creaking open on old hinges.

'I am the Oracle...I seek for your voice Forgotten Prince,'thought whispered the voice.

At that moment a breeze blew into the church towards Mayhem.

Which then transformed into a hand to reach forward.

Mayhem jumped to his feet and started backing away,only to bump into a altar seating bench.

He fell on top of it just as the hand rested a finger on his lips.

"Who are you?"whispered Mayhem.

'Oh very well I am the Rseph,or the Taker if you will,'whispered the breeze that was swirling around him.

Mayhem felt his skin crawl then he shuddered almost automatically.

The voice had a touch of a female and a male voice combined gave Mayhem the creeps.

"Why do you want my voice Rseph?"asked Mayhem shakily.

There was a chuckle as another hand was formed from the breeze to rest right over Mayhem's neck.

"But since I'm taking your voice...I should give you something in return,'mused the breeze.

Before Mayhem knew what was happening,the 2nd hand pulsesate just as an orb of energy floated into its grasp.

First hand then change places with 2nd hand that dispated back into the breeze.

Mayhem kept his mouth shut,he knew he felt empty when his voice left.

First hand then dropped a black ball of energy swirled with different shades of blue in a skin vortex hole.

Seconds later the hole closed up at the sametime time the breeze started swirling around the church again.

'We will meet again Forgotten Prince,'whispered the breeze.

Then it dispated,leaving Mayhem lying on the bench.

Mayhem release his breath when a note fell out of his hand to the floor:

'Forgotten Prince I will be...for life.'

Quantum Thief - BlackWolves Master (NeverMagixx) | 7 comments I'll post more soon :)

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