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Kristi (KristiColeman) The End of Part 2! Please post your thoughts!

Zulfiya (ztrotter) I think it was pretty obvious that Jack will never end up well. He had chances to rebel, to try to escapes, or at least show some common sense before he joined the group of thugs, but alas, he never actually tried to do something. So his demise is quite justifiable.

There was a certain feeling of innate 'nobility' or, let's say, serenity before his actual death, and he even saved the trouble of actually killing hims for his former friends, and I have to admit - the second chapter ended with a powerful story.

Silver I have to confess as much as I had come to dislike Jake as the story progressed and while in the end he had brought upon his own fate, and earned his death in falling in with such a crowd and allowing himself to be carried along with them, and standing by while they committed such acts. There was a part of me that did not want to see him killed in the end, a part of me kept waiting for something to come along and save him.

Becky (PrairiePhlox) I got so wrapped up in the book that I didn't realize I was onto chapter 76! I find the characters so engrossing if the plot
Itself seems to amble along.

Poor Newt. I felt this last chapter was so intense from the remarks to Newt that Call would hang the boy if he had fallen in with horse thieves to Pea's remark that he had done many things he hadn't wanted to but duty compelled him.

The end if Part II was excellent in my opinion. I was fascinated by Deets tracking ability and was relieved to see the Suggsess removed from the plains. Jake's death was powerful and illuminating to how even Augustus takes some things seriously. I wonder how the death will effect Lori. I also thought it was touching that Pea noticed Newt drifting off to sleep on his horse and rode close by to catch him. They really care for him a great deal.

Side note: sorry if my last few posts have been riddled with typos. I don't have computer at the moment so I am forced to type this all in my
Phone, something that I am not very proficient at.

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