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Ren or Kishan? Why?

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Ashley I personally love Ren but I want to know if you guys agree with me or diagree with me. And why?

Caralin YES YES YES YES OMG YES!!! REN REN REN REN REN ALL THE WAY!!! I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH!! (notice im talking in all caps here to emphazise my love for him ;)

Ashley She also truly loves him. NOT KISHAN!!!

Caralin Thank you Ashley, sorry Kishan still LOVE YOU!

Robbyn If you go by Kelsey's thoughts, both of them would be purrrrrfect for her. Ren is definitely the better of the two for her, but she just doesnt see this as the quests move on. I am not just saying ren because he is hott either. looking at the books point of view. personally though i would look to be with Ren. he shares the same passions as i do. Kishan though is very humbling through out this mess....

Iris I like ren better becuase he's into literature and music and those types of things and plus i like blue better than gold and i also picture ren better looking than kishan but dont get me wrong i love them both they are both really sweet and everything but i just like ren better

Ashley I like Ren because Kelsey likes him more

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Ali Kishan. I don't wanna give anything away, but by the end of the book, I was disgusted with Ren.

Caralin DISGUSTED!?!?!?!?!? Of anyone should get hate its KELSEY!!!!!!! What the HECK is wrong with Ren?!?! He was soo perfect. Him and Kishan.

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Ali Caralin wrote: "DISGUSTED!?!?!?!?!? Of anyone should get hate its KELSEY!!!!!!! What the HECK is wrong with Ren?!?! He was soo perfect. Him and Kishan."

He forgot his soul mate, he gave Kelsey SOCKS for her birthday, and he said he hated peaches and cream. I know that he's the perfect "prince charming" and his transformation is because of Durga, but I wish Kelsey would be with Krishan instead of Ren.

Caralin Okay, you can't be disgusted with Ren for those things because he FORGOT HER! And he didn't do it for selfish stupid reasons he did it for LOVE! Even If it wasn't the best desicion in the long run he did it put of PURE LOVE! No one can hate Ren for giving her socks and saying he (not hate) DIDNT PREFER peaches and cream after being TORTURED and LOST HIS MEMORY! I can respect of someone wishes Kelsey was wit Kishan and not Ren, but for being DISGUSTED with him because of that. There's just no reason at all!!

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Ali Maybe "disgusted" is too strong a word. I'm not saying that I HATE Ren. He isn't a bad person, and he doesn't deserve the torture he suffered. In fact, I wish Houck didn't include Ren's torture at all!

Ren was my favorite character in Tiger's Curse because Kelsey and him made such a cute couple, but by the beginning of Tiger's Quest, their relationship seemed superficial, almost possessive.

Caralin Ya annoyed is better but it's still really hard to call him annoying after what he went trough for love. I mean I would never find someone annoying if they risked their life's multiple times for love and went through he'll and back

Caralin Hell I mean

BookDeliria (Dia) SPOILERS. Ren is amazing. but i do wish he picked a nicer veil of concealment. I would have picked another one. He had to pick something that would hurt the both of them. but of course, that also made their love story very moving. hehehehehe

Caralin Ya I thought a different veil of concealment would have been better because that's what pushed Kelsey to being with Kishan. Ren should Have picked something like seeing something special or eating peanut butter and chocolate cookies or SOMETHING like that.

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I love Kishan... He's my type of guy. So in that case ren

Shannon Kishan completely, hes more down to earth and seems overall more interesting, my favourite thing about him other than hes a flirt is that he admits his faults

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