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message 1: by Isaac (new)

Isaac Hamlet (potterman201) | 2 comments Started writing something new. It's another fantasy piece and the first "adult" wring I've ever done. I would appreciate feed back, but be warned this is blood (though I feel it is not in excess as I hate showing blood simply to show blood). Also, suggestions for a title would be appreciated.

Here's a description: "The world is broken.
It has been ever since the Great Razing.
Now barbaric tribes wonder the wilderness. The only sanctuary is in one of the five cities that makes up the Valforian alliance. Beyond the walls of these cities there be monsters."

And here's a link: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3...

message 2: by Isaac (new)

Isaac Hamlet (potterman201) | 2 comments Hey guys! I recently self published my first book for my senior project. It's been ten years in the works and you guys should check it out via one of these links:
I feel inclined to warn you, though, that it is not (yet) avaliable in e-book format.

It begins...Lenzey Wright never dreamed that she'd ever have an encounter with a wizard, or that the same wizard would turn her friend into a mouse. She'd certainly never imagined that she and her friends had unheard of powers and that a man she'd never met or heard of, from a place that shouldn't exist, was trying to kill her.

Thus, Lenzey and her three friends-- Ellean, Walter, and Zack-- are brought to Garibain. They are charged by the Warlock Zandar with a single task: Starting a war.

message 3: by Audrey (new)

Audrey ~AudgPaudg~ (AudgPaudg) | 21 comments *Clap clap clap* Congratulations! It sounds interesting! Keep up the good work!

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