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Favorite Character
Jaycee Jaycee Dec 02, 2012 04:01PM
I was wondering what every ones favorite character was???? Mine died in this book!! :(

Hermione and Luna

Ginny - she's such an amazing character and I love her! Second option would undoubtedly be Hermione - I love her to bits and she truly inspires me. And fav male character is Ron :)

Dumbledore and Sirius by far. So sad they died!!!!! :(

Jannie (last edited Dec 07, 2012 04:02PM ) Dec 03, 2012 01:06PM   1 vote
Hermione!! Ginny!! Luna!! :)

F 25x33
Saliha snape and harry
and dumbledore and mcgonagall and
ron and-

Apr 18, 2018 08:55AM

pfft, the marauders. Except from Peter. Peter can go away.

Luna and the Weasley twins!!!


I love his sass and sarcasm and boldness and his bravery. I greatly admire how he got through living with the Dursleys and I just overall love everything about him to be honest.

Hermione and Luna

Luna Lovegood and Severus Snape! They both were judged by other people wrongly when they both had something special within them--an insight that others don't have.

Favourite character?...Hmmm...I'd say Dobby (ofc...) Bellartrix and Dumbledore. I found them to be quite amusing :3


For me my favorite character is the Dark Lord Voldemort himself, after reading Half-Blood Prince there is no character that peaks my interest quite like Tom. Now I do not agree with his actions or his views on life but in terms of character that I most enjoyed learning about, he is at the top. Also love Snape.

luna, sirius and draco

I think than the Weasley twins because of all there pranks. I also love Ginny because she is so adventreus. :)

It's been a few years now since I've read the books but my favourite book in the series is the third. I love Sirius and Lupin.

HARRY, dobby, herimone, ginny, luna, nevile

My favorite is Luna Lovegood.


James, Lily, Minerva, Molly, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Tonks, Remus, Serius.. Oh I don't know, I don't have a specific favourite character. I mean you can't help it, every character in Harry Potter is unique and special in their own and you find yourself intrigued by them and sympathizing with them. That's why I love all the characters.

my favorite characters are luna and neville. i always thought that they would be a perfect couple.

Snape is my overall favorite character from the series, but for this specific book it would have to be Albus Dumbledore <3, Sirius being a close second.

luna fred geoge

Ron was my absolute favorite, but I also liked Snape, the Weasly twins, Fleur Delacour, Mr. and Mrs.Weasly, and Lee Jordan.

My favorite character is Remus Lupin.


Jaycee, I liked Sirius too. So cool! I think the Weasley Twins with their fireworks display and making the pool of water that neither filch nor Umbridge could get rid of stole the show, but, then again, there was a lot happening in this one, huh? And the fight scene at . . . well, you just asked about character huh? I get carried away when writing or talking about any HP. What a writer!!



Hermione, of course, because she's a ball of fire. Compassionate, smart, clever, bookish...with wonderful moments of rebellion like in "Order of the Phoenix".

Luna Lovegood, because she's so whimsical and kind of air-headed but seriously loyal, intelligent, wise, and sweet at the same time. She knows what she believes in and never compromises for anyone or anything.

(Prof.) Lupin, because he just seems like a genuine person. Friendly, approachable, helpful, etc. He's my very favorite professor of Defense Against Dark Arts; no one else even comes close.

And you just have to love the Weasleys...all of them are written with such familiarity that reading (or watching) them feels like home somehow. :) But I particularly like the Weasley twins (such a sense of wit!) and Ginny.

Snape, Neville, Luna, and Hermione for sure!!!

Absolutely Hermione ^^

Most of them (no death eaters except for Bellatrix).

The number of typos on this page is too dam high!

Fred and George Weasley. They are so funny!

Ronald Weasley.

I love Ginny! I think she is such a strong character and I hate how the movies don't show her as that!

ron, luna, tonks, hermione... I have so many

Hmmmmmm I would have to say Black and Snape. Loved these dudes

Luna was an absolute hoot!

Everyone exept the evil ones snape is cool

In this order, Snape, Fred and George, and Draco

That is such a difficult question !!! I think mine is Neville, I absolutely love how he evolves throughout the series.

Violet (last edited Apr 23, 2018 05:19PM ) Apr 23, 2018 05:19PM   0 votes
Sirius Black, I wish he didn't have to die though

oh and the weasley twins!

Let’s see... Lupin, Luna, Hermione, Snape. Draco has grown on me, so he’s probably one of my favorites as well.

Mehreen sirius black and lupin
Dec 27, 2017 02:50AM

Jaycee wrote, 'I was wondering what every ones favorite character was???? Mine died in this book!! :('
Who was that character?

Luna Lovegood!!! <3

Willy (last edited Aug 09, 2016 01:31PM ) Aug 09, 2016 01:22PM   0 votes
Harry, Hermione, Ron, Viktor, Remus, Tonks, Snape, The Weasley Twins!!

For me: Snape, Fred, George, Luna, Hermione, Hagrid, Tonks, Cedric.

I have too many favorites ^_^

Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Molly, Ginny, Fred & George Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks.

I love Lily Evans/Potter too, wish we could have seen even more of her character.

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