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message 1: by Michael (last edited Dec 02, 2012 02:46PM) (new)

Michael | 301 comments The poll winner for our Robert E. Howard December 2012 Group Read is "Golden Hope" Christmas, which you can catch in The End of the Trail: Western Stories or online at "Golden Hope" Christmas.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael | 301 comments I haven't read this story before and, in my usual scatter-brained way, did not have a look at it before adding it to the poll. Well, even for us slow readers this should not be too taxing as it's only about 3 pages long!!

I will schedule the poll runner-up, The Lion of Tiberias to run alongside this one so that there is a slightly more substantial story to sink our teeth into!

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim (JimMacLachlan) | 494 comments Not one of Howard's better works, IMO.

Mohammed (Maxamed) | 257 comments Jim wrote: "Not one of Howard's better works, IMO."

Its pretty good for early story by a teenage Howard. I read it End of trail collection with all his best serious western stories and writing wise it wasnt his weakest but not near his best either.

I look forward reading again now that i know how good his best westerns are compared the early less mature ones.

Vincent Darlage | 435 comments I found "'Golden Hope' Christmas" to be rather unsatisfying, but it was interesting to see REH learning his craft. I could see glimmers of the writer he was about to become. He did a lot more "telling" instead of "showing" in this one - telling the reader quickly of events instead of showing the events to us in detail. He even broke the third wall in the second paragraph, which was uncharacteristic of REH.

Jerriann (wayahowl) | 12 comments When one takes into account this was Howard at 16 and only beginning to learn his trade you see a glimmer of the fine craftsman he would become. Had he taken the time to re-read his submission, he would have caught a lot of his spelling mistakes like 'eat' near the end which was meant to be 'east'...however, i think he wanted to show his vocabulary knowledge and though he spelled most words correctly they were awkward as he used them; also a couple of words hit me as not a word and i think he just spelled it wrong 'insister' i think was sinister...
it was a cute story; one Howard could had rewritten and made a great tale. i didn't feel it was finished, but what he did do was interesting; he might have been given a word limit and that's why he didn't write more, but that was great someone enjoyed it enough and saw merit in it that he won a cash award. i'm sure this encouraged him to work all the harder, for his imagination was too great to contain; he needed that release that only writing can provide someone with his vision.

message 7: by Peregrine 12 (new)

Peregrine 12 (Peregrine12) | 75 comments Vincent: I haven't yet read the story, but I wanted to ask: what did you mean by 'He even broke the third wall in the second paragraph, which was uncharacteristic of REH.' What is 'the third wall'?



message 8: by Vincent (last edited Dec 08, 2012 08:24PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Vincent Darlage | 435 comments Spoke to the audience. Some people call it breaking the fourth wall. I've seen it both ways.

message 9: by Peregrine 12 (new)

Peregrine 12 (Peregrine12) | 75 comments Hmm... well, I've just finished reading the story and I'm not quite sure what you mean, Vincent.

I thought it was a good story, though. I enjoyed it.

Vincent Darlage | 435 comments When REH writes, "Let us not blame Red too much." By addressing "us," REH is speaking to the audience. It's just weird wording for him. I don't recall him doing that in other stories.

That's all I mean. It seems to be a unique phrasing for REH.

message 11: by Walt (new)

Walt O'Hara | 1 comments Hey, everyone, I recorded an audio version, just for fun (and because it's REH). Here it is:

Only 11 minutes or so, pretty easy to do.


message 12: by Jim (new)

Jim (JimMacLachlan) | 494 comments Well done, Walt!

Jerriann (wayahowl) | 12 comments i enjoyed your reading, Walt; you really got into the heat of the tale. I've posted to twitter and facebook. great work.

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