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^^ Osiyo! My name is Sakura Bellarose and my best category is writing/singing

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^^ I would be fine just Modding over Writing. I would do singing too if you don't mind.

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^^ I really woud like to do both XD

Quantum Thief - BlackWolves Master (NeverMagixx) | 7 comments My name is Elizabeth and I am the author of my Snowfall series that i am posting on here :)

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Im so sorry! I have like a million groups im in, and since there arent a lot of posts here, I end up looking over it >.< I am ashamed

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Hey, I'm Xhorxhia, I just joined.
Can I post my poems on here?

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Hey dudes, can you rp here? That would be totally awesome!

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And you could always link it to the fine arts :)

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