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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
The abandoned library is a nice, safe and serene place where one could escape to. It is quiet and peaceful, full of old classic books, ones that were band a long time ago. The place is hidden from the government and is where some of the braver citizens hang out.

message 2: by ♡Nosidam♡ (new)

♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April rode into the library. Her eyes lit up as the sun shone on the shelves of books. She sat on top of her horse Lady and reached out for a book. First Aid it read. April shoved the book in one of the two bags that were on her horse.
"Meew" April's kitten Patch cried as he pawed at the bag.
She picked Patch up and pet him. She pulled out a raggedy piece of cloth and wrapped him in it before putting him back into the second bag.

Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara giggled girlishly and flipped the worn old page of the book she had just picked up, titled A Chilled Winters Eve. She covered her smiling mouth with on of her dainty hands, trying to suppress her laughter. She reached for the branch above her head to stop herself from falling out of the towering beach tree that had somehow grown out of the librarys floor. Clara had climbed up the looming birch after she had picked her book off the shelf, scaling it until she was a few feet above the second floor. Clara enjoyed the thrill she felt up in the air, high above the ground. It was like having a birds eye view. She positioned herself on the curved branch again, her back against the winding trunk, and continued to read. Suddenly she heard the clomping of what sounded like horses hooves. She peered through the thin foliage of the tree to spot a girl on a horse in the middle of the room. Not many knew about the library, and the few who did wouldn't dare actually venture to it. Claras curiosity spiked, though she didn't call out for the girl. Only watched from high in the tree, interested in the new stranger.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April guided her horse through the library picking up various books as she went. Finally she stopped in a small corner and began to read. She did not notice the girl watching from the foliage.

Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara set her book down on a thicker branch and scrambled down the tree, swinging from branch to branch like a monkey. She walked along the long branch that ran over where April was reading. Clara saw that the girl carried no visible weapons, and could see she could not be a killer for she sat atop a pretty pony and her hands were not stained with blood. "Hello." Clara said in her warm light voice, plopping down on the branch she stood on and swinging her dangling legs.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April jumped in fright and fell off her horse. She stood up her hands balled up in fists.
"If your a killer I warn you I have a book!"

Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"A killer? Me?" Clara laughs and swings off the branch, landing right in front of the frightened girl. "Im Clara. Just one of you average Citizens." She said with a slightly lopsided grin, sticking her hand out to shake.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April placed the book back in the back and shook Clara's hand.
"April is the name" She said mounting her horse once more. She pulled out some bread and broke it into four pieces. She gave one to her horse, another to her kitten, the third to herself and she held the last one out to Clara.
"Want some?" She asked.

Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"Sure!" Clara said and grabbed the piece of fresh bread from Aprils hand. She bit into it greedily and sighed happily, swallowing the large chunk in a matter of seconds. "Thanks for that. It seems like all I eat now is canned grossness." Clara said with a light joyful laugh, sounding like the lovely resonance of wind chimes.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments "Aren't you afraid to wander? Won't you be killed?" April said confused by her happiness and cheer. She pet her horse and pulled out water from her bag. April took big gulps then let her horse drink some. She took a sniff of air and slightly smiled. It smelled fresh like citrus.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"I only live about a street down. And this place is pretty secure. I doubt a killer is gonna come here to check out a book." She said with a little smile. "It's real hard to get out these days, so this is kinda like my little safe haven. Its great isn't it? So wild and untouched. And its the perfect place to paint. I even decorated some of the walls." She said with a smile and gestured to the looming walls, which were covered in beautiful pictures of a world undisturbed by man.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April guided her horse to the wall. She touched the paintings. Some people were holding hands with their children. Her eyes watered as she saw the happy family.
"Oh" She choked out holding back the tears that were about to flow.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara grinned widely and walked to were April was standing, her eyes glued to the painting. "This ones my favorite. It's what I think the world looked liked before the expiration dates. A world were you could walk around the neighborhood whenever you pleased, where you would never see a dead body, let alone three in a day, and where people were.... happy. I wish I could live in that world." Clara said with a sigh as she ran her delicate fingers over one of the rough brushstrokes.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April guided her fingers along the painting. She could no longer hold the tears. She finally began to cry.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"What's wrong?" Clara asked and took a step towards April, finally realizing she was upset.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April shook her head and wiped her tears.
"It's nothing" She replied shaking her head.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"Are you sure?" She asked, concerned. SHe saw her discreetly wipe her tear away and frowned, wondering what had provoked the sad thoughts she was thinking now.

message 18: by Anna (new)

Anna  (anna46) | 10 comments Abigail wondered in the libary and stopped at the sight of two girls, hidding behind a book shelf, taking a book and wandering toward the corner.

message 19: by Forever-Falling (new)

Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara blew her blonde bangs out of her face and took a step back, a little uncomfortable. How do you comfort a stranger? She asked herself, watching her silently.

message 20: by ♡Nosidam♡ (new)

♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments "Really it's nothing" April said as she nodded and sniffled.
"So do you hang around here often"

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"Yea it's kind of like a second home. A happier home, that for sure." She said with a sad smile, thinking of her depressed mother and the empty chair at her dinner table.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April nodded not wanting to dig deeper in her personal life.

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Anna  (anna46) | 10 comments Abigail read quietly, waiting till they leave to leave so they don't she her, but the she needed to sneeze and she sneezed, and cursed under her breath

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April quickly snapped around and she guided her horse to the source of the sneeze.
"If you're a killer I suggest you leave! I have a lethal weapon in my possession!" She lied.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara slip behind a bookshelf when she heard the sneeze, slipping behind the rows of books. She shoved one to the side and peered through, seeing the girl. Clara grabbed a book and held it in her hand like one would a dangerous weapon. Like the thin chapter book would do any harm.

message 26: by Anna (last edited Dec 29, 2012 10:25PM) (new)

Anna  (anna46) | 10 comments "Sorry to desturbe you, didn't mean to, i'm not here to even cause trouble, but if you hurt me i swear to god i will..., you don't even want to know" she said, warningly.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara shoved the book to the side loudly and stuck her head through the shelf. "We won't hurt you." She said with a smile.

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Anna  (anna46) | 10 comments "un-hun... well i better go, don't want to interfer with your discusion." she said picking her book up, that she just realized she dropped.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara slid out from behind the shelf and back out into the open. "Your not interfering, though if you want to leave, feel free to." She said with what hoped to be a cheery smile. Clara hadn't seen so many new faces in moths! It was quite excited to her.

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Anna  (anna46) | 10 comments "I'm I should, it getting pretty late out"she said running off to the doord, "Bye" she said running off>

message 31: by Forever-Falling (new)

Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
Clara frowned and her shoulder slumped for a moment. "Well goodbye." SHe said and waved lightly, turning back around.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments April shrugged and turned to Clara.
"What should we do now?" She asked laying her head on her horse's mane.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"I'm not sure. There isn't much to do here in the library, besides chit chat and read. Do you have any suggestion on what to do?" She asked, thinking hard.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments "No. I don't exactly get out much." April shrugged.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"Me neither. Its kinda hard to sneak out nowadays." She said with a small smile.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments "You could say that again." April said thinking of the monstrous world she lived in. She turned back to the beautiful paintings on the wall. She ran her long and thin fingers on the wall. Oh how she wished she could live in that world.

"You have quite a skill" April said as she pointed to the paintings on the wall.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"Why thank you. I learned from my father. He was a painter as well before he passed." She said, a tone of saddness in her voice, though there still was a true smile on her face.

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments "Oh i'm sorry" April said with true sorrow in her voice. She wished that she still had one blood-related family member left. But she didn't. April was all alone in this cruel world.

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Forever-Falling | 51 comments Mod
"Don't be. It is what it is."She said with a small smile , her eyes full of the happy memories she had with her father. Clara tugged at the hem of her dress and turned back to April with an excited smile on her face.

(( want me to make like a park where they can go?))

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♡Nosidam♡ | 20 comments ((Sure anywhere is fine. :) ))

"I guess your right" April said.
It is what it is. That saying repeated in her mind several times. She smiled back at Clara and then pet her horse.

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