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Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 271 comments Now that my Kindle Fire sponsorship has officially ended I can now look back on it as a success. I sold enough copies of DROP OUT to break even but what most important is that so many new people have now been exposed to my stuff. It also got my ranking down below 10,000 which according to the Amazon algorithms, means that the site will give me a little more promotion than a book that hasn’t sold so well. As of this post I’m still below the 20,000 rank. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m raising the price of my books on Jan 1st to $2.99. At that price I can take advantage of Amazon’s 70% royalty program. If the results of my sponsorship were the same at that price I would have nearly doubled my investment. I plan on devoting the entire month of January to marketing my newest novel and booking sponsorships galore, most with I’ve done a few with Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Boards, but none has achieved the result of this last sponsorship. Here’s the link again so prospective authors can see what KFD does for the money. Besides this page, KFD also blast the link out to Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media. I also think KFD is a good site for sponsorship because the Kindle Fire ereader was the most searched item on the internet on Black Friday, which means millions of new Kindle owners; that’s gold to us indie authors. DROP OUT is also garnering attention because of promotion provided by fans of the book. Here’s another link to free promotion. Thanks to all who purchased the book and maybe next time I can get my ranking under 1,000.

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Boyd Lemon (Goodreadscomboydlemon) | 67 comments You're doing great, Neil, and if your experience will be anything like mine, you will find that the increase in price does not decrease sales.

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