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The center of all monetary exchange. Stores filled to the brim with anything you could want. Toys, books, clothes, food, the list goes on and on.

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~Cassie~ | 114 comments Mod
Naomi entered the mall, not really sure why she was there. She glanced around at the stores around her as she walked down the lane. Hollister, American Eagle, Hot Topic, Rue 21 and multiple other clothing stores were cluttered together. This was the place where most of the teenage girls were located. She walked onward. She had never been one to need to own the designer clothing. Now, she cared even less.
Next came the mix of toy stores and children's clothing stores. Naomi weaved around the parents dragging their children away.
Finally, she found what she was looking for. Before her was the entrance to the bookstore. She walked in and breathed in the scent of coffee that came from the café they had in the corner. She walked over and got a caramel latte and sat down at one of the tables they offered, sipping her drink, lost in thought.

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