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message 1: by T.L. (new)

T.L. Zalecki (TLZalecki) | 1 comments I just wanted to share my great experience with Charlie Bray of The Indie Tribe (theindietribe.wordpress.com). I've been writing my novel for two years and as a stay-at-home Mom on a tight budget, this started out as a strictly non-funded project. But as the book developed, I realized how much I cared about its success and felt that the book (and I!) deserved to invest in some professional help to make it the best it can possibly be.
For a very reasonable fee (its tailored to Indie authors), I got a Manuscript Critique and Structured Plot through the Indie Tribe. The output was above and beyond what I had hoped for, and I've come out of this feeling very confident that my novel is going to reach its full potential. I was so impressed by the detailed feedback, insightful critique, and original ideas that Charlie gave me. Not only that but he's extremely friendly, responsive, and supportive. It felt awesome to get someone professional to really take the time and care with my writing. I had tried to get this through my family and friends, and as willing as they were, not everyone has a knack for this kind of thing.
Anyway, I'm super excited to continue my novel now and am so grateful I solicited Charlie's help. I felt he deserved a little shout out. If any of you are considering getting help with your novel, I highly recommend him.
Your book is worth the investment!! Happy writing.

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim Taylor (TimCTaylor) | 35 comments Hi Tanya, always inspiring to hear an author sound so excited. And thanks for the feedback on Charlie Bray. I've not heard of Indie Tribe before. Word of mouth is so valuable to share.

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