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Raeden Zen (goodreadscomraeden_zen) Good day everyone,

I’ll be offering my novella, “Perdu,” for free today on Kindle. Check it out:

I started writing this novella over the summer. It simply seemed to write itself and evolved into what I believe will be received as an entertaining sci-fi/horror novella with a new twist on the vampire mythology. A reporter, Valerie Green, and FBI agent, Devean Rasr, must untangle the weeds of a complex serial killer in NYC. Time is running out. The murders occur on a fixed schedule and they have just four weeks to track him (or her) or them, down. Neither Val nor Dev are ready for what awaits. (Neither are you!)

Best wishes,


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Glenda Reynolds (glendareynolds) FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD today March 16th and March 17th 2013 at Amazon ~

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Kellie Harrington | 103 comments thank you guys for sharing

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