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Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart
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Jessica (Books: A true story) (booksatruestory) | 218 comments Mod
Post your thoughts on Amelia Lost here.

Joselyn Parada (foodie26) | 25 comments While this book was informative, it was also extremely boring. I read the whole thing...turning each page and praying it would get better. It didn't. Considering it seems to be designed for children, I pawned it off on my 11yo daughter hoping she may find it interested. She painfully admitted she also thought it was a snoozer. :-(

Charlene Intriago | 12 comments Joselyn - Thanks for your post. I just started this and am on page 24. Thus far my main complaint is the font in which the book is printed. Doesn't make for an easy read for me, but I am finding it informative.

Joselyn Parada (foodie26) | 25 comments Charlene,

Good luck with it. It's very informative, just not very captivating. :-)


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