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Loved it

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Anne Dethlefsen I too struggled a little, but those Aha moments became more frequent as I pushed on - this is a very clever piece of writing, the love topic very intense, the author's clever way of manouvering flashbacks etc so novel, I could not put it down. No, I don't think it is just a girlie read!

Richard Truly excellent book, loved it

Leslie Great! I'm starting this today!!!

Leslie I just finished it! There were some parts that were a little creepy...but they would have to be in order to make this work. I am amazed at the whole concept of putting together this book. I'd love to find an interview where the author explains how she prepared...did she do an outline, how did she keep it all straight while writing?

fightingwindmills The interview with the author is here at bookslut. Reading the interview explains a lot about Audrey Niffenegger's worldview and the process of writing this novel.

Jardley I found this book to be an amazing read, however I do believe it does have it's flaws, I found myself skimming the pages because of the author's intense use of detail was annoying. I did truly love it all the way and felt really sad at the end. Great book all in all.

Leslie fightingwindmills--thanks for the link! I'd forgotten that I'd even posted here! There are some great books being made in to movies -- Time Traveler's Wife, The Secret Life of Bees --for starters!

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