Tiger's Dream (The Tiger Saga #5) Tiger's Dream question

Is this 5th Book really going to happen?!!
Fede Ferrara Fede Dec 01, 2012 09:37AM
Who else is really hoping that Colleen Houck writes a fifth book in the Tiger's Curse series? What do you think it would be about??

I agree, I'm willing to bet that it's Kishan's book.

I really love the series, and I will read this book but I have no clue what it could be about. Maybe it's about Kishan and Anamika. I really hope it is, but we'll see when the description is released!

I don't see the point of writing a 5th book. The ending to the 4th was perfect.

Except that I'm wondering slightly about Ren and Kelsey with kids and Khisen's love life.


Just my thoughts......

Maybe tigers dream is all about Kishan. I just on know what is left to be said bout Ren and Kelsey.

I agree that the ending was really good... It patched up a lot of things... So right now I'm hoping that it is a retelling from Ren's point of view, or the raising of Anik...

I had a crazy thought the other day... Kadam said "I had hoped I would get to bounce your children on my knee..." Children. CHILDREN.

I want Kelsey to have a daughter and for that daughter to be the main character in Colleen's Egyptian book. Tigers Dream should be her backstory.

My bet is that it follows Nilima and Sunil. I'd much rather that it followed Kishan (not like a fifth book could make me feel better about his ending anyway though...) or even Ren and Kelsey again, but their stories are over. If there's really going to be a fifth book, the only characters who really still have stories to unfold for them are Nilima and Sunil, although they're characters that don't interest me much.

Maybe the books about Kelsey and rens kid but why not just make another series for that? The fourth book was ended perfectly even if people don't like the way it ended. But if she writes another book I have no problem reading it ;)I just wonder what it will be about.

How is there a fifth book? Tiger's Destiny ended so perfectly that a fifth seems redundant. But I do love the characters, so I suppose reading them one more time wouldn't be bad.

I want her to come out with one really bad!! Come on, Colleen.... TELL US THE RELEASE DATE!

I still can't believe she's writing it

OMG I am so happy she is writing a another one at the end of book number 4 i had so many questions and i did not want it to end like you want to know what happens but you dont want it to end

I hope she writes one~even though book four kind of ended the series, I still want more of Ren and Kelsey! I didn't get enough of them in the fourth book....

I am wondering if the book is just going to be from Ren or Kishan's POV. That will be a let down. Honestly, by time this one comes out, I won't remember what happened in the others.

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