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J.R Ward's female characters
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Don't you just sometime wish to read about a female who is may be not so perfect like Sherilyn Kenyon's Tori or Bride...just average females...a bit Rubenisque....short....etc??

I wish it all the time really. I did read a lot of P.C Cast Goddess series, and some of the female cast are a little more average. For the most part I haven't seen many female characters who aren't drop dead gorgeous.

(BTW I absolutely love Bride and Vane <3)

Southern Oh those are such great books and yes I loved the fact that she made it more realistic by making the women "not so perfect" :) Need more females like ...more
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I love Vane and Bride. To me that is a classic love affair. When he buys her the necklace and she starts crying.... Classic!! I get tired of the "i'm gonna kick everyones ass female." And also tired of the model perfect, or extreme with scars. etc females.

I love stories, I read one, she was a schoolteacher and found a vamp staked on her property. Getting to know was fun!! the reveal~

Rhages is the most authentic I think, and I can get into her not being willing to share with him. The whole story made me alternately swoon, cry and laugh. When they chained him to the bed and she gotto know his dragon?? Price-less!!

Jane? Okay for V I woulda never saw her coming and the whole Ghost thing. V deserved better. But in time she kinda grew on me.

The only female I really did not like was the bitch in Rehvs book. Okay Marissa was irritating at first. I was torn cause I kinda thought she-evil symp was Rehvs karma. But rather than killing her, turn her into something. Not necessarily good gone bad but it would have been a cool turn.

The doggen are convenient. How could they do this if they had to clean once in a while? I liked LOTU series because they each had chores.

My major problem with these books' female characters are how they are all described as curvy. They have perfect hips, perfect breasts and are often long legged or they have the small pixie body (but still with the perfect curves) and with the long hair.

That is the main reason why I avoid m/f books. I wish to read one at some point, where it will actually capture me.

As a average female with small hips and small breasts, short hair and glasses, I wish to read about that type of person. She will still stand up for herself, but at least try to reach a broad audience.

Like it isn't enough, these perfect looking women in these books all have some kind of issue about their mind of bodies. Gag me.

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I would agree with most Ward's females are just so horrible they are weak, and have serious issue about themselves.

And she did not like her only red haired female.

Female characters in the series are the least irritating, flat and insecure - so annoying!

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What is average really? Personality wise -and this only apply to BDB series- I think Mary, Rhage's mate, was quite average. She is the stereotypical female, quiet and nurturing..not aggressive or dominate; so unlike all the other females, whom at some point, exhibited these badass traits.
Physically-wise..you are right, they are all beautiful, they are all attractive, they are all curvy..but then again, it was their male mate's perspective...I mean, for all we know, they might be the ugliest creatures on earth -which I absolutely don't believe! Just raising a point- and still their mates would see them as goddesses. I like to think that their descriptions is a little bit exaggerated, after all, its a fantasy story; and that's why I love it! Maybe the series does need another quite average female; personality and physically wise, just to neutralize things up (why does everyone have to be perfect?!).
Anyway, to tell you the truth, I have never thought much about the females or their appearances, they were invisible to me, essential yes, but secondary..except maybe only Jane, I like her.My mouth and mind was watering for the males! Especially V

When it comes to SK and the Vane/Bride pairing, what I liked about it is not so much that Bride is a size 18, but that it recognizes that that body type is what Vane finds appealing.

Vane doesn't think "she's a large woman, but I love her anyway". Instead, he thinks "Wow, aren't her curves HOT"!!! Her body had him (quite literally) panting from their first meeting in Sunshine/Talon's book, long before the fated mate bond thing.

And ladies, that IS the truth of the matter. Society and fashion is what gives the "thin is in" message, and that area of society is dictated by women, not men. Most men will tell you that a nicely rounded "fluffy" woman beats a sharp as a stick thin woman in their beds any day. And they MEAN it. Marilyn Monroe, arguably the most coveted and oogled sex goddess ever, was a size 16. Hips and curves ladies, hips and curves.

If it seems that men gravitate to skinny women, it's only because that's what society tells them they should find attractive. Oh mind you, some do actually find thin women attractive, but sexual allure from a Darwinian perspective is all about reproduction, and nothing shouts "reproduction" to the Neanderthal in every man like a full figured woman!

So for me, Vane represented that big slice of men who love a woman with lots of curves. These men are horribly underrepresented in the literary world. Thanks SK, for the lesson.

I know I wish to read about a more average heroine at times. I know some authors try and do their best and have most heroines that do seem kind of perfect have emotional issues or whatever. But still sometimes nice to know there are some taller heroines that aren't confident with their height or shorter heroines with not beauty marks but an actual mole that isn't sexy.

Heck I even enjoyed when Tabitha of the dark-hunter series got that scar on her face. I know it happened in a bad way and by no means she acted modelesque but still what is up with being all leggy and bad ass and having great skin to boot?

And even though I loved Vane and Bride together. I wanted to spank Kenyon for putting Zarek with a almost model type when she paired him with Astrid. When it was so obvious he was feeling Sunshine's curves in Talons book and I believe she was some type of American Indian too. But when Zarek's book comes along he gets Astrid, the blond haired, blue eyed, and long legged nymph. The only average part about her was her powers.

Rhage's woman in JR Ward's Lover Eternal is pretty normal, not too tall, not too blond, with scars and a disease that is killing her. But she's probably the most imperfect woman in the series (even the paralyzed lady vamp is pretty gorgeous, and she gets mobile when she gets her HEA)

Geeze, I got so excited about V&B I forgot the topic. I'm not a big fan of any of Wards female characters. It seems to be more about the "Brothers" and I suppose that's fair enough. But I will say that her Chosen characters make me want to throw things. They all seem to have such low self esteem. The other female characters seem ok. Well, except for Jane. I never warmed up to her at all, and to make her a ghost? That seemed just a bit silly or desperate or something.

Mercy Thompson is also mentioned to be an average looking girl.

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casually passing by, saw lights and got in here and WOW!! did I read one of the female characters being called a "b*tch?" or "they are so annoying?" ... we are all women in here, right?

I don´t want to go more into the subject other than, aside the two human female characters (Mary and Jane), the rest are all vampires! the males vampires are gorgeous with big muscles, great facial features, great eyes colors, big heights, etc, etc... why wouldn´t the female vampires be the same? no more, no less!!!

Well I noticed that even the best of these gorgeous men are going for optical in the first and then get burned big times (even in the Kenyonverse) and realise then that it is sometimes the inside that counts. And I will not say that beautiful people are always bad. It is different with any species that has no say in their mating. They can blame the Fates (or whoever is responsible) for the leading ladies.
I think that was what attracted me to the DH books (I have read only book 1 of the BDB series) and in particular my first, BRIDE & Vane were amazing. They will allways be my first love and occupy a special place in my hard. It is not my fault that she then wrote about Valerius and I absolutely lost my heart to him.
To be honest, even if I look on the outside like average (small, a bit overweight, with glasses) in my inside I am the hot long legged redhead I always wanted to be. LOL ;o)

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i dont really care about them. its all about the males. unless they do something stupid. then i want to pinch them!

Yeah every book you pick it and read the ladies are perfect.. Like model looking. Well I read one that had a big scar on her face. Can't remember the name of the book.It would be nice if they were just normal.

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