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This packs den site is only a few years old.

The alpha female will leave the pack when it's time for her to have pups. She gives birth to them in her den and rears them there. The den has a narrow entry and a large chamber inside. The den is roomy and big enough for her and her pups only. She keeps her den clean so it doesn't have an oder so predictors can't find it.

She doesn't allow any of her pack member or her mate in her den with the pups. She will protect them from everyone. Her pack member's leave food outside her den for her too eat. Pups stay in the den until early spring where they leave for the first time to meet the pack.

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((The role play will start here. It's Early Spring and the alpha female Frost Rose will be bringing her pups out soon. Everyone is waiting outside to meet them for the very first time. There is a lot of excitement in the air.))

It was early spring and the snow had melted, thanks to a few bright sunny days. There was hardly any snow left. Only a few scarce patches were around. Lots of greens had already started growing, welcoming spring.

Raksha whinned with anticipation as she looked over at the den entrance again. Rose the alpha female would be bring her pups out today. She couldn't wait to meet the new members of the pack. She could hardly contain her excitement as she went back to running around and dashing between the trees near the den. She was is a rather playful mood.

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Spark stood outside, waiting. his tail dropped and his tongue hung out of his mouth. his ears stuck up, looking at the members of his pack.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow-Breeze walked into the main den area and sniffed around at the floor, her ears shot up when she could smell the pups. She was excited to meet them so she laied down to the right of the enterance, waiting patiently for the pups.

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((Hannah read the stuff under the picture above, he has to wait outside too. Females don't allow anyone to meet/see her pups until she brings them out.))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) ((sorry ill edit it))

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Raksha dashed over to the entrance when she saw Snow Breeze, her littler mate. She pounced on her and nipped at her side playfully.

((Everyone just remember that Raksha is omega treat her anyway you like. You don't have to be nice to her. I wont be offended in anyway by anything you do.))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow Breeze leapt up and started to play fight with Raksha, her litter mate, the Omega ((XD))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Spark inspected each member. staring at the strong ones and looking at the weak ones with disrespect.

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Raksha yipped and dashed away. Her tail was wagging but she kept it low so she didn't offend anyone. She wanted Snow Breeze to chase her.

((Try to be a little more specific on what she's doing like how she's playing, if she's biting, and what sounds she's making. Oh and when you guys have time I recommend watching the wolf video's I posted. They will teach you a lot.))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) ((i watched the second one....it was great :) ))

Spark moved towards the entrance of the den wanting the pups to come out. he made a low growling sound, urging them out.

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((We might have to have them wait a while until Shaylee get's on to rp Frost Rose.))

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((The wolves can talk.))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) ((i was wondering if they can talk... thanks for answering my question :P))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Rean wrote: "((We might have to have them wait a while until Shaylee get's on to rp Frost Rose.))"


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((...We can still continue to role play as our wolves wait. When she get's on that's when they come out.))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow Breeze, lowered herself into a pounce position with a light growl she called out "Run, Raksha".
She began to chase her, trying to nip her tail or leap onto her.

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) ((ok and Rean can you tell me if im doing anything wrong or i should have more detail?))

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((More detail would be nice. The more you write the more I have to work with Normally I can write a paragraph or more. Thing that help. Sight, sounds, scents, touch, thoughts, emotions, actions, body posture and words.))

Raksha wasn't fast enough to out run Snow Breeze and she felt a nip at her tail. She stopped suddenly, so suddenly that she fell. She quickly regained her feet and faced Snow Breeze. She was crouched down with her ears back. She was flicked her tail back and forth, but kept it low. Then she dropped down into a play bow and lept from side to side. "Come get me," she teased.

((You can tackle her, bite/mouth her, and jump on her or whatever.))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) ((sure :) ))

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shay arabella (missesshay) | 42 comments ((Ya'll want me to start here, right..?))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow Breeze lowered herself, she was almost on the ground with her ears lowered, her tail was wagging scraping the ground. She was about to leap but then she hears something, sher tail stopped wagging, her ears rose and she shot up into a searching position, she bagan sniffing th ground for a second before looking to the tree's, birds flew from the tree's.
"Something is out there" She growled to Raksha

((Sorry I cant watch the video's cause I'm on my school laptop and it wont work. :(( )

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Virgo ¥Lyric of Virgilio°¥ (PromessaLucilleRadliffi) Virgo awaited outside,he sneezed hard almost knowing on the cold,Ground.Even though Spring was up and ulruning,his Alrgees(Spell Accident)) was acting up.Somewhere had that horrible Rare Lilac Rose Flower

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((Yes please, the role player for the other pup isn't on but we'll start anyway. When greeting the pups if you interact with the other one just make it in general info until she get's on. So just have Frost Rose leave the den and the pups will fallow. A male pup can be made by any to join this litter right now.))

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shay arabella (missesshay) | 42 comments ((Alright..))

Frost Rose perked her ears forward as she stared out the den. She looked down at her pups then back outside. Spring was finally here, the time for the pups to meet the rest of the pack. She huffed out a breath of air before slowly standing up. She nuzzled her pups, "Come on little ones, time to meet your friends..." she whispered softly. This was first she has had pups. She nudged her pups up before slowly padding outside.

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Spark, alpha male, waited by the entrance. he looked over at Virgo.

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Virgo ¥Lyric of Virgilio°¥ (PromessaLucilleRadliffi) ((Er...Umm...Kay..Gotta go))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow Breeze saw Frost Rose walk out of the den, following her were the pups, the excitement built up inside of her, these would be the pups she would teach, and look after. She looked at hem they are so small and cuite she thought to herself

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Spark bounded towards Frost, sniffing her. he turned to look at his pups, sniffing each one and urging them onwards.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow Breeze waited patiently, but she was so excited, she kep standing then siting, she wanted to run up and say hello but her feet wouldn't stop moving, so neither did she. She saw the pups emerge from the den and saw Spark sniffing at his pups and she knew that it was almost time

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shay arabella (missesshay) | 42 comments Frost Rose smiled lightly as she watched her mate bound over happily. Her ears twiched a bit as he sniffed each one. "Their adorable, are they not?" she said softly, smiling. What most wolves didn't know is that Frost's weak point were pups.

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Virgo ¥Lyric of Virgilio°¥ (PromessaLucilleRadliffi) Virgo himself looked at the pups,they reminded Virgo soo much of his younger brother,but cuter!He looked at the Alpha to Frost Rose and he Pups,knowing he once was going to start a great family like them...He shuffled his paws uncomfortable as the energy coiling in him wanted to spring out and immendity play with one of them.

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) spark nuzzled a pup further "i dont normally find things adorable but i have to admit they are" Spark said softly. he wasnt a very kind hearted person but these were his pups.

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((Virgo you need to edit your wolves profile and be approved before you can role play.))

Raksha quickly lost interest in play and looked to see Frost Rose leaving her den with her pups following. She was really eager to meet the, but wasn't sure if the alpha female would let her. She might make her wait until everyone else meets them first. She sunk low to the ground and slowly made her way over stopping short a few feet in front of her. She whined with excitement.

Midori followed her mother out. She blinked her eyes at the bright light, until they adjusted. She could see several other wolves around. She was just as excited to meet them as they were to meet her. One of the wolves ran at her and she soon learned it was her father the alpha. She rolled on her belly as he sniffed her, and she licked his chin. She was naturally submissive to him. She whined and yipped with joy as she then bound up to the next closet pack member to her, Snow Breeze. She jumped up at her and was trying to lick her chin.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Me?))

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((Yikes sorry I took so long...I'll edit that a bit.))

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((Sure Hazel hang on though so I can edit a part of it.))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Spark looked down at Midori. he nuzzled her softly into the snow. his tail hung high as he was clearly excited.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Go for it :) exciting isn't it :P))

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shay arabella (missesshay) | 42 comments Frost Rose smiled lightly. She flattened her ears against her head as she watched Midori bound over to a pack memeber, her heart raced nervously though she didn't make any move as she watched Midori interact.

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Virgo ¥Lyric of Virgilio°¥ (PromessaLucilleRadliffi) ((I did...Well but Im confused...So I have to fight in pack to earn the title......if not I will be probably one to the normal wolves or Omega.)))))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) Spark went over to Frost Rose. he nuzzled her neck softly with his nose.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow-Breeze's tail shot up as she saw Midori stumbling towards her, she began to pant and wagg her tail lightly

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((Hang on I will check it, yes over a meal is when most dominance struggles happen. Both video's teach on this. I recommend everyone to watch them when they have time. Yes he can be a hunter or the male omega, but the omega's are really submissive and bullies a lot.))

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shay arabella (missesshay) | 42 comments Frost Rose perked her ears back up as Spark nuzzled her neck. She licked his ear softly but kept her attention on Midori and Snow Breeze, she began to calm down.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Ima watch the video's now so brb))

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) "I wont let anyone hurt them" Spark said softly, putting the side of his head on hers.

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shay arabella (missesshay) | 42 comments "I know, I trust our pack completely with our pups, it just its our first litter...." she sighed, trailing off.

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Hannah :3 (hammycope) spark seemed to be amused at how she cared so much. he moved so he was shielding her from the cold breeze. "they'll make it. i promise" he said.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Snow-Breeze sniffed at the ground and took one or two steps forward. She could smell Midori, her new scent made her wag her tail even more and gave out a light bark, quiety.

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