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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim | 2 comments Readers of Sci-Fi and Heroic Fantasy, your help is needed! About 20 years ago, I read a series of books whose titles and author I can no longer remember. The books were similar to the Earthsea books, but in this series, as I recall, the young man started with no memory of who he was. He began a journey from island to island by first learning to juggle. On each island (book) our protagonist becomes more proficient in his craft (juggling) and more understanding of his identity. The last book in the series brings the young man to the island which houses the king - but, of course, there is no king until the young man proves to all that he is the rightful king. Does anyone remember/know of these books? If so, please post name of author and the series. Many thanks.

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message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim | 2 comments G33z3r, that sounds about right. Lord Valentine's Castle's and Valentine Pontifex's synopses trigger a bit more recall. But, I'll need to get my hands on them to be certain. Thanks for the help.

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