Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2) Blue Moon question

Is the second book better then the first?
Bibliomanic Marley Bibliomanic Marley Nov 30, 2012 05:54PM
About two years ago, I had read the first book in the series, Evermore. What had brought me to this book was of course it's beautiful cover, but alas the story was not so alluring to me as the cover itself. Two years later I still feel the impulse to finish the series in hopes of the plot getting better. For the fans out there, or for the ones who simply enjoy the book, is it worth continuing?

Kristina (last edited Jan 05, 2013 02:38PM ) Dec 05, 2012 03:15PM   1 vote
I hated this book. I have lost respect for Alison Noel as a writer, it killed the series for me. I like Evermore when it first came out, but this one was just awful.

I actually looked up what happened in the series, and it get's worse in my opinion. The whole plot line is so boring, and repetitive. Not worth it. There are better series out there =)

Karolina I agree. I read the first book and I wasn't too crazy about it but I decided to read the second to see what happens and it was just really bad.
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This is probably the wrong thing to say but I thought the second book was hilarious. I could not believe that someone could make so many stupid decisions. It keep me laughing because most of these decisions were obvious and for whose who have read it the one at the climax was the biggest one of all. I mean really did she not expect that.

The frist one was a little bit better, but seeing as i got done with Blue Moon, in 3 or 5 days cause i thought it was so good. So i have to say try to keep going with it. although if i had to chouse between 1,2, or 3 i would say three had the most action. but then that could of just been me.

I was literally on the verge of dying. This book was great but I actually couldn't handle it. It just made me cry like every chapter because of the thing between Damen and Ever! Don't judge me :P And just uggghhhh! WHY ALYSON NOEL?! WHY?!

I liked Evermore quite a bit, but this book blew the series for me.

LOLZ! It would be hard to get much worse. =]

the first one was my favorite out of the ones i have read, i read the first three but it just got more and more depressing Evermore should have been the first only book in this series

I have the second book. But it just isn't worth to continue.

I was a bit like yourself, drawn to the book because of the cover, however for me that is where the magic stopped. I found it too basic a read and very repetative and not at all interesting. I've enjoyed many YA books even tho Im a lot older but this series just didn't do it for me.

I liked the first book better. I read the second, and it was okay, but I decided to read the third, and lost interest all together.

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Its not really worth continuing if you didn't enjoy the first. They don't get better, if anything they get worse. I bought all the books in one great big bulk after a recommendation off a very reliable friend and now really wish I hadn't.

no. they all pretty much suck.

I loved the first book better. This one was just depressing and I really didn't enjoy it.

The first one was amazing idk what happened with was painful to get through it. There would be points where I was like " yes it's finally interesting" then it would get extremely boring again...

It's the exact same plot as the first except with a bitchy girl trying to kill Ever it's now a bitch rude guy trying to kill Damon! It's the same and I hate it as much as the same! (No offence to the author or other people who actually liked it)

I read the first one which I liked very much, I thought the plot was good a little different still cheesy though but it was nice, so I decided to read the second one in the series and hated it for some reason I just fond it really hard to get through it and when I finally did I just stopped and did not keep on reading the rest of the series.

I prefered the first one, the first one was just more exciting and in the second one all the characters just started to seem annoying.

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i liked the first book better then the second and i love this series. i'm not finished with it yet 2 books to go i couldn't find them and i really think the 2nd book was the worst book i read so far in the series. love the first book and 3rd and 4th now on 5th and 6th.

For me, they got more bored. They only that keep me reading is Roman. With his gingerness, and blue eyes

Couldn't tell you. I stopped reading the series about halfway through this book and haven't been back.

I totally loved the first book better than this one. This one didn't make that much sense and....What was with all that instant manifestation crap??!

all of the books in this series was awful after the first.

I died. It took me a week to finish because after like every five chapters I started crying. Cause it was just so as a cruel and horrible

I wouldn't say it is . But that's my opinion .
I really liked the first one and wanted to finish the series but the second book didn't live up to the first one . Therefore I wouldn't recommend finishing the series .

i died. this book is horribly sad. it took me a week to finish it because everytime i read over 5 chapters i started crying

i liked the first book better than this one

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to be fair I preferred the second because to me it was full of more events. We all knew roman was the culprit but i didn't expect him to go back on his word. I loved this book and don't have any regrets

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