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message 1: by Melissa, Chief Bookworm (new)

Melissa Eisenmeier (carpelibrumbooks) | 425 comments Mod
Do you guys have specific things in books that make it or break it for you? My deal breakers include a lack of proper punctuation, say, if there aren't quotation marks for the dialogue, and excessive mistakes. Deal makers for me generally it being funny and it being first person point of view.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Kluthe (jessica_kluthe) | 13 comments I have trouble getting into stories written in second person; however, that does not always break it for me if I am engaged with other elements (characters, setting, plot...etc).

I find that excessive mistakes distract from the story and am with you on that one! It's important to have a great professional editor.

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