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Emma just enter the school, go to class, whatever. try not to destroy the building or anything.

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Emma Kylee slowly walked into the high school building. Seriously! she thought. Why on earth did I choose to come back here? What is the point of witnessing all this stupid human drama, not learning anything, and not even picking up a good snack? Oh, well. shaking her head at herself, Kylee glanced down at her schedule. First period- homeroom.building a, room 14.

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Sydney was having a bad day. As soon as she had woken up, her younger sister was leaning right over her bed, her face directly over Sydney's, with her huge green eyes, only a shade lighter than her own, staring into Sydney's. "Good, you're up!" Sahara had said oh so enthusiastically. After that, she had bombarded Sydney with questions about witchcraft, boys and of course... puberty. Oh lord. How can she be so annoying? Sydney had thought. She had woken up late, and at the rate this chat with Sahara was going, she was going to be late for her first day of tenth grade! "Sahara enough!" Sydney had said, interrupting Sahara's 36th question,which had had something to do with what you should do when a guy winked at you. "Can you leave now and go annoy someone else? I have to get ready for school." Sahara was going into grade eight and she should have been getting ready for school too. Right then she just looked pissed.

"You know what Sydney? Screw you! You never listen to me!"

Oh no, Sydney had thought, she's in one of her moods. What did I say? Sahara was still only thirteen and couldn't control her magical abilities very well yet. In one if her moods she could accidentally set something on fire. Melt something or even injure someone unknowingly. Sahara stomped over to my sleek black desk, picked up my one of my musical compositions, my spell book and my MacBook Pro. "You know, you should stop wasting your time with music, schoolwork and spells! You should practice you social skills! Cause right now you have none!" She screamed. With that she dropped them all on the hardwood floor and ran out of the bedroom. As soon as she was out, Sydney's laptop, music and spell book , burst into flame. Sahara must have been really pissed.

But now Sydney was the pissed one. No laptop or spell book! She could easily re write the song but MacBooks were expensive! At least Sahara was grounded for three weeks though, she thought. Sydney had known something bad was going to happen earlier this morning! If only she'd just listened to Sahara and her stupid thirteen-year-old problems! She thought angrily as she stepped through the doors of her high school. Oh no, she thought, there's Kylee. Must avoid being seen. Sydney quickly snapped out of her own thoughts and paid more attention to where she was walking. She had almost collided with a guy from her neighborhood. Evan. He wasn't a supe (supernatural) though. Kylee was. She was a vampire. And Sydney was just an awkward, shy, unpopular witch. Sydney quickly walked away from the front doors, and toward her locker. She found it, number 1123, and put in her locker combo. After putting in her bag and placing her mirror and magnets in the door she quickly examined herself in the mirror. Beautiful dark green eyes, the trademark for the Collins family, olive skin, a perfect nose and long, wavy, dark brown hair. She was beautiful, yet she didn't see it.

With a sigh, she closed her locker and leaned against it. She looked down at her drab outfit; dark wash skinny jeans and a blue button down shirt. She started to walk to her first class Homeroom with... She glanced down at her schedule. With Mrs. Ackerman. She arrived at room 14 and looked for a place to sit. The only good seat was next to Kylee. Ugh. What did the universe have against her?

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Emma Kylee spotted sydney coming across the hallway and figured out from the somewhat annoyed and upset expression on her face that she had Mrs. Ackerman for homeroom. "Lucky me." Kylee muttered. "Maybe I will get to have some fun today. breaking into a run so fast that nothing could see her, she appeared in room 14 and slid into a seat just before Sydney got there. She could sense her annoyance with, frankly, the entire universe at that moment. Well, maybe I'll make it worse. "having a bad day?" Kylee asked her, in her best 'I don't actually give a damn' voice, and flashing her a bit of fang.

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Jeez, thought Sydney. How did she know? "How could you tell?" she said. Sydney knew that Kylee was being sarcastic and really didn't give a crap about her day.

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(( I think u meant room 14 ))

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Emma "It's all over your face, witch." Kylee responded. To supes, the term witch wasn't used to insult anyone. It was simply a statement of what she was. "Your cheeks are flushed, your pulse is jumping around like crazy, and you've got a massive scowl on your face like this." Kylee narrowed her eyes and glared. Then, she pulled her lips up in a snarl showing off her fags to their full extent and whispered "And its making me thirsty." With that, she took a long swig out of her dark red water bottle and smiled.

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Who does that bloodsucker think she is? She thought. "Okay... Listen I don't think you should be jumping at the chance to show your fangs. People here don't know what we are. You know whats been happening lately Kylee." Hissed Sydney.

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Emma "I know what you are, and you know what I am. All those little bloodbags," she responded arrogantly, "don't mean anything."

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(( sorry i was doing HW))
Okay. I can't take this anymore. I'm just going to stay calm...Or not. Thought Sydney.
Kylee, please don't be difficult! What do you think those 'bloodbags' would do if they found out that there were things like us that have existed here, right under their noses, for centuries? She asked. Sydney did not dare say this aloud, so she passed on the message to the vampire telepathically.

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Hanna arrived late for school. As she was walking through the halls, she passed Mrs. Ackerman's classroom. She saw Sydney and Kylee. She decided to stop and wave but a look at their faces told her to get out of there as fast as possible. "Crap" she muttered. Hanna cautiously stepped into the classroom and walked towards Sydney and tapped her shoulder. "Syd, what's going on?"

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"Why don't you ask Ms. Know-it-all over here?" she said.

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Emma well, little amateur, they'd freak out, obviously. but I don't really care. See, it's been centuries since any human has been strong enough to wield the force needed to stake a vampire in the heart, and humans are just so oblivious they'll assume I'm just some weird true blood fanatic anyways. Which I am, so its all that much easier to convince them Kylee smiled a little that, a real smile.

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"Okay I will. Kylee what the hell is going on? Are you harassing Sydney? Cuz I wouldn't do that if I were you. You know what she's capable of Vamp."

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Emma "Sorry, what was that?" Kylee asked Hanna." I think Syd and me over here got a little lost in thought."

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"You heard me loud and clear. You know with your enhanced senses and all."

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Emma "Do you really expect me to be scared of you, Shifter? What the hell do you turn into anyways? A rat? I could have you for lunch. Now run along. Sydney and I were talking."

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"Hanna I think you should go to class the bell's gonna ring any second. See you after school." Hanna nodded and left with one last scowl at Kylee.
Sydney look her seat at the right side of Kylee, and Waited patiently for the lesson to start. But obviously she couldn't be at peace because apparently her telepathic conversation with Kylee wasn't over yet.
Kylee, be reasonable! I know that you care about them and I know for a fact that they care about you too. So just be a bit more compassionate. Wait... You watch True Blood also?

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Emma Well, who doesn't? Alexander Skarsgard is like, hotter than-you probably don't want to hear about that, never mind. But I love Pam's character.She's so heartless! like me! It would be awesome if humans could actually know about us...but... It won't happen
Kylee looked away, blinking bloody tears out of her eyes.

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Aww Kylee don't cry! Please! Your tears are blood. Literally. Back to the main topic. Be more careful. I have a feeling something is going on. Oh, by the way. Evan, my neighbor, I think he likes you...

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Emma Dont trust Evan, Sydney. If you want to figure out what's wrong, start with him. I gotta go, the bells about to ring, and I have to seduce some guy into the janitors closet if I want to eat before midnight.
With that, Kylee got up and walked out of the classroom.

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Sydney looked at her watch. Wow. 1st period was almost over. Mrs. Ackerman looked in Sydneys direction and scowled. "Ms. Collins, where is Kylee?" she asked. "Um... I think she had to go to the bathroom.. it was urgent- if you know what I mean." Wow. I'm a bad liar she thought. "Tell her to come see me at the end of the day. Class dismissed." 2 seconds later the bell rang and Sydney left to find Hanna.

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Emma Vanessa walked into the school. She was sure she was breaking som kind of rule, but she didn't care. She reached out with her mind. There was a vampire feeding in the closet to her left, a bunch of humans in the classroom to her right, and a witch and a shifter down the hall. Bingo!

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Emma Kylee felt a mind probe hers as she heard someone walk by. She said to the guy- Luke, she thought "This never happened. You came to meet your girlfriend to make out, but she never showed up." With that, she left to find Sydney.

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Someone tapped Sydney's back. Kylee "Hey Kylee, what's wrong?" She could tell that something was bugging her.

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Emma There's another witch here. powerful. I don't know what she wants, but be careful, ok? Shit! There she is!

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Emma Vanessa strolled up. "Vamp. Shifter. Witch." She turned back to Kylee. "Was the meal not to your liking? I figured you'd be longer."

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Oh my god! Who is she? What should I do?

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Emma "I'm full." Kylee stated.

message 30: by Emma (new)

Emma "False. Your fangs are still out." "Sydney." She said. "Thats your name, right?"

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"Hi I'm Hanna. Who the hell are you?" Said Hanna.

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Emma Calm down. You haven't been doing any black magic, have you?

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"No it's ok, Hanna. Yeah. I'm Sydney, what's your name. What family are you descended from?"

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Emma "None of your business. Sydney, I've been sent here to continue your magic studies. You can turn me down, but you're 16 now. You either join the witch world forever, or live among humans. Your choice."

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No! I would never do black magic. Maybe that's what this girl does.

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Emma Vanessa breathed out a silent sigh. man, she hated shifters. And vampires were barely any better.

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"Oh. I've been studying magic forever! Of course I'll stay in the witch world. Magic is my life, person-who's-name-I-still-don't-know."

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Emma "No, I don't do black magic, but it looks like your close to it, associating with their kind like that." Vanessa purposely gave a look of disdain at Kylee.

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Syd sent out a mind probe and immediately hit a wall as soon as she tried to get in the newcomers head. Shit! She thought, this girl is serious! I just wanted a name!

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Emma "It's Vanessa. You've got a lot to learn, novice." She turned away. "First class is at 5:00 this afternoon in your basement. See you then."

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"What do you mean 'their kind' these are my friends! Or at least one of them is my friend, Kylee's more of a... I don't even know what to call her. An ally! That's it" Crap. I'm babbling again. It was a habit of Sydney's whenever she was nervous.

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Emma If you say so. 5:00. be there

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Emma "What in goddesses name was that!" Kylee almost yelled. "Who the fuck was she, and how did she get in my mind?"

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"That was... Vanessa. I guess she's a witch trainer. My mom probably sent her..." Stop swearing Kylee

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Emma "Hello! You're crazy to trust her!" everyone at this school is so damn STUPID!

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"Kylee's right Syd! What were you thinking!" Yelled Hanna.

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Emma "No one cares what you think, even if you are right this time!" Kylee yelled at Hanna

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"Ok,ok. Calm down! I don't trust her at all! I tried looking into her mind a little and she slammed me with a wall. She's hiding something." Said Sydney, trying to calm them down.

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