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Comics > If you're reading Superman, what do you think of start of He'l on Earth

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message 1: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 219 comments Mod
So far I found the first part of Superman #14 with Lois and Clark to be more interesting than the second part with He'l. So far he's kind of boring for a villian.

By now shouldn't Clark have his own apartment instead of sharing with Jimmy? Well, seeing as he quit his job he probably doesn't have any money to move out.

message 2: by Mike Briggs (new)

Mike Briggs (MikeBriggs) Well, Jimmy moved in with Clark because of an issue with Jimmy's place. I forget what issue. So it is more Jimmy being allowed to live with Clark.

I haven't acquired my copy of Superman 14 yet.

message 3: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 219 comments Mod
I believe it was Superman Annual #1 that showed Jimmy as Clark's roommate.

message 4: by Mike Briggs (new)

Mike Briggs (MikeBriggs) Oh, heh, I meant that I didn't recall what the issue was that required the move. Though it does look more like I was noting that I couldn't recall which comic issue the move took place.

Eventually I'll actually get number 14 and be able to make a more thoughtful post.

message 5: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 219 comments Mod
No problem, I'm so used to posting the issue numbers on my blog. Anyway no biggie.

I still think Clark should have his own place. He's supposed to be a little bit older than Jimmy. Well, I guess he's just helping out a friend.

message 6: by Bob (last edited Jan 07, 2013 09:36AM) (new)

Bob I've only been reading the Supergirl side of it so I haven't really gotten a lot out of it. I won't be reading the Superman side of it till his graphic novel comes out and I'll never be seeing the Superboy side of it.............well probably. :)

Yes Clark needs to get his own place. It's time for him to lay back, kick up his feet in his own place and order a pizza or two. :) I have not been reading the single issues but if they haven't already I would like to see more of Clark and what's going on in his personal life.

message 7: by Jim (new)

Jim Ratkowski | 8 comments Ive actually only read the Superboy side, while getting tidbits from my brother who reads Superman. So far I have enjoyed it I think partly due to the long overdue meeting between the two. But I would like to read the Supergirl portion, seems like she might be more of the major player in this arc out of the three.

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