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message 1: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 560 comments Mod
In this thread you can put spoilers about the December Monthly read, Season for Surrender by Theresa Romain.

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan (SusaninAZ) | 749 comments Okay, I'll go first. In the beginning of the book, Xavier wears an affable "mask" to hide his true feelings. He has his phony expressions numbered; for example, number 3 is "amused tolerance". Later we are told he was orphaned as a baby. So who raised him, and why does he need to hide his feelings this way?

BTW, Louisa is able to discern the difference between a phony expression and the real thing almost immediately: this is why she will become his soul mate once he releases his fear. Aaaaw, so cute how she does this.

message 3: by Janga (new)

Janga | 1070 comments Mod
This was one of my first Christmas reads of 2012, and I loved it. I'm going to self-plagiarize and quote the last two paragraphs of my review at Just Janga:

I was one of the fans who hoped for Louisa’s story after reading Season for Temptation. I found her an interesting, endearing character in that book, and she’s even more engaging in this one. I loved watching her discover how much more she is than she has ever realized and how she pushes Xavier to reexamine the assumptions upon which he has built his public life. I like appearance versus reality as a theme, and Romain handles it skillfully in this story. Lady Irving is as delightful as she was in the first book, and Xavier’s cousin Jane is an enormously appealing young woman. I can definitely see her growing into a heroine.

I’m an equal opportunity historical romance reader. I enjoy angsty reads and I enjoy light-hearted reads. I even enjoy what I call cotton-candy romances, light and sweet but essentially insubstantial and offering no nourishment. But my favorite light romances are not all froth; they have substance as well as sparkle. Season for Surrender is the second kind of light romance. It has warmth and meaning. It’s going on my list of Don’t-Miss Christmas Reads of 2012. Don’t worry if you haven’t read Season for Temptation. Season for Surrender works quite well as a standalone. And for those of you who share my fondness for literary references, this book is a treasure.

message 4: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Hi ladies--thanks for kicking off the discussion! And thanks to the moderators for choosing SEASON FOR SURRENDER as the December monthly read. :)

Do you have any questions about the story? I'd be happy to answer them.

And here's a behind-the-scenes tidbit: I originally pitched the story to my editor as a fall house party, and she asked if it could be reframed as a holiday story. I'm so glad she did, because I wound up hooking big story points to the mistletoe-collecting scene and "what gift do you want" game, and those wouldn't have fit into anything but a Christmas book.

message 5: by Janga (new)

Janga | 1070 comments Mod
That's so interesting, Theresa. I guess SFS was meant to be a Christmas story. :)

Can you tell us anything about what's next? I like anticipating and would love to add your new book to my 2013 Book Calendar post at Just Janga in early January.

message 6: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Sure, thanks for asking, Janga. The next "Season" book will be out in October 2013--probably called "Season for Indiscretion"--and it'll tell Jane's story. Her hero was in Season for Surrender too; want to guess who he is?

Before then, I'll actually have another release: I'm starting a new historical romance trilogy with Sourcebooks in (most likely) September 2013. The title's not set yet, so...more details to come! Those books will be Regency romances, but they won't have a holiday setting.

message 7: by Dls (new)

Dls | 1735 comments Mod
I read this as soon as it came out and really loved it. Of course, that means that by now all my thoughtful insights and interesting questions completely escape me....

message 8: by Valie (new)

Valie (ValieMartin) | 65 comments I loved it too. The two main characters are very lovable and I'm quite happy to know that I would be able to meet them again in Season for Temptation. I'll certainely read this book very soon !

message 9: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Thanks, ladies--I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Here's another behind-the-scenes tidbit for all of you: when I was writing the first scene of Xavier and Louisa with the cipher, his farsightedness just popped into my mind. Since hiding his vision problems seemed to fit with all the other things he liked to hide, I went with it. So then I had to go through all the previous chapters and add in quizzing glasses, squinting, etc. to make sure his vision was consistent. :)

message 10: by Manda (new)

Manda Collins (Manda_Collins) | 1655 comments Mod
Just finished tonight, Theresa and I loved it! I loved all the classical poetry and book history you wove into the story. And it was such a refreshing change to read a hero who isn't a raging alpha. Alex and Louisa were so sweet together and I loved how they were both a little unsure of themselves up to their engagement scene. I also really appreciated the holiday touches. I'd never have guessed it didn't start out as a holiday book. Brava!

message 11: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Thank you, Manda! Very kind of you. :) It was a lot of fun digging into Alex and Louisa's characters--especially Alex's, since he'd been mostly defined as a partier in my debut. I'm glad you liked the holiday elements, too!

So--anyone planning to eat a plum pudding or play a game of Snapdragon in the next few days??

message 12: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Thanks so much for reading & discussing SEASON FOR SURRENDER this month, and for inviting me to join in. Hope 2013 is an awesome year for you all.

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan (SusaninAZ) | 749 comments Thank you, Theresa, for joining us!

message 14: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 560 comments Mod
Thank you, Theresa. It was a wonderful holiday read and thank you for discussing it with us. Happy New Year!

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