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message 1: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 319 comments Please check out my latest novel. It's book of the day on Kindle Fire Department.
Drop Out by Neil Ostroff

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward | 5 comments My latest Kindle E-book will be free for five days starting December 1 (tomorrow). Here's its link: I appreciate all likes, purchases and reviews.

Thank you.

message 3: by D. (new)

D. Washington-Jones | 23 comments The Runaway Christmas Tree is on sale for $3.99 at

The Kent family wants to purchase a real Christmas tree this year. When they finally pick one from Nick’s Magic Christmas Tree Grove, they get more than what they bargained for. They wanted a real tree, but exactly how does one define, REAL? That is precisely what the Kent family is about to find out! Get your copy here:

message 4: by Randy (new)

Randy Mixter | 23 comments Hello to all. My new novella, Morning Star is now available. Here is a blurb and a review. Thanks for checking it out.

A Child. A Horse. A Miracle.
Eight year old Dannie Walker is fighting for her life. Her doctors have told her father she has an incurable disease. All hope is lost, or is it? A mysterious horse has come to the Walker ranch. A horse that may have mystical powers. His name is Morning Star and he might be Dannie's only hope.
"Wow! What a wonderful story Randy Mixter has written! It's a fast-paced, upbeat tale of a little girl and a special horse. The novella is so highly descriptive that I could picture each scene as though I were watching a movie. The magical and mystical aspects of the story seem almost possible. Those who believe in miracles will especially love this feel-good, family-oriented book. It is great for all ages!"
Mary J. O'Keefe

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy Attwood (randyatwood) | 16 comments When a top 500 Amazon reviewer says it's the BEST BOOK she's EVER READ, you might be interested:

message 6: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Mahoney (brmahoney) | 3 comments Vengeful Eye

The follow up to An Eye Is Born

Madison Ward has grown from High School teenager, into a leader of one of the most powerful Green Eye families.

With the death of her brother haunting her, she will stop at nothing to find out who was behind it. Madison will make new friends and learn new secrets about the friends she already has. Some will prove trustworthy. Some will have hidden agendas of their own.

Her journey has only just begun. She will now learn what is takes to become a leader, but will the price be something she can live with?

Join Madison Ward on the next step in The Green Eye Saga.

message 7: by Martin (last edited Dec 04, 2012 05:53AM) (new)

Martin Hill (MartinRoyHill) | 14 comments My military mystery thriller, "The Killing Depths," is now available on in both print and Kindle versions!

From the cover blurb: “A killer lurks beneath the waves of the western Pacific Ocean. The USS Encinitas, the first attack submarine crewed by both men and women, stalks the Crescent Moon, a renegade Iranian sub armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. But another predator hides aboard the American sub, a murderer who has already left a trail of dead women behind on shore. While the crew of the Encinitas plays a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the Crescent Moon, NCIS investigator Linus Schag must discover the killer’s identity before his – or her – blood lust leads to the submarine’s total destruction.”

Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent Linus Schag originally appeared in the short story, “Destroyer Turns,” published by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in 1995—eight years before TV’s NCIS, I might add. “Destroyer Turns” is also one of the stories in my short story collection, “Duty: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond.”

The Killing Depths by Martin Roy HillMartin Roy Hill

message 8: by Paulette (new)

Paulette Mahurin | 439 comments FIVE FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY ON GOODREADS: The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. Ends Dec. 25.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays,

message 9: by Moira (new)

Moira Bianchi | 7 comments Hello!
I'm very excited...
here's my first book, a sexy Pride and Prejudice inspired romance novel

and my FB page

message 10: by Alex (new)

Alex Bobl (Alex_Bobl) | 17 comments Hi guys,

The last weekend's free promotion was fantastic! Memoria. A Corporation of Lies, (an action-packed technothriller) reached #1 in High-tech! It only lasted for 24 hours, so I decided to offer Memoria for free again this Sunday Dec 9 2012. Come and grab your free copy!

Happy reading!

message 11: by Ann (new)

Ann (annmariebryan) | 24 comments FREE ON KINDLE, December 11-13, 2012 - Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along by Ann Marie Bryan.

A Page Turner! Don't miss out on this exciting, contemporary love story based on real-life events.

message 12: by Jet (last edited Dec 14, 2012 04:35AM) (new)

Jet Elway (JetElway) | 23 comments Zack Jones: Private Eye

Clueless slacker Zack Jones has no marketable skills, so he becomes a private detective armed with the knowledge and skills he learned watching television -- this doesn't play out so smoothly in the real world.

The Spiritual Guy

Satire based on self-proclaimed "enlightened" spiritual teachers who seem to be more deluded and narcissistic than spiritual.

message 13: by Ann (new)

Ann (annmariebryan) | 24 comments FOR ONLY 2 MORE DAYS! FREE ON KINDLE, December 14-15, 2012 - Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along by Ann Marie Bryan.

A Page Turner! Don't miss out on this exciting, contemporary love story based on real-life events.

message 14: by Casey (new)

Casey Hays The Cadence by Casey Hays

My latest YA supernatural romance, The Cadence, is now available on Kindle. Delve into the story of Emma King, a senior in high school who is plagued with the unusual ability to feel people's emotions--with a simple touch. When quiet, seemingly unemotional Gage Parmer shows up with an unbelievably twisted story about Emma's gift, she doesn't know what to think. But eventually he wins her over, and takes her on a whirlwind of a ride that includes facing her greatest enemy--a band of immortals known as the Cadence. With the help of her Circle, a group of unlikely supernatural heroes, Emma must do what she can to stop the Cadence before it's too late.

message 15: by M.R. (new)

M.R. Polish (MRPolish) My new YA/New Adult novel just released this week!
With a death starts a new beginning...

Eighteen-year-old Esmerelda thinks she’s just a normal girl, but all of that changes the day of her mom’s funeral, when a warlock, intent on using her special powers, kidnaps her. Powers she didn’t know existed. Thrown in the middle of a magical battle, Es struggles to learn her magic while fleeing both vampires and warlocks, at the same time, hunting for the witches that can help defeat her adversary. The only problem is that they are dead.

Thankfully, she has the help of Jarak—her Guardian—who quickly captures her heart, but she wonders if she can win his? Just when she thinks Jarak is the one for her, Ian appears with daggers drawn to save Es from a vampire attack. Ian is cocky and rude, but there is something magnetic about him—something that attracts her to him. With her heart torn between two men, she faces the foes that are out for her blood. Can Es do the unthinkable and awaken them from their graves before time runs out?

message 16: by M.R. (new)

M.R. Polish (MRPolish) Casey wrote: "The Cadence by Casey Hays

My latest YA supernatural romance, The Cadence, is now available on Kindle. Delve into the story of Emma King, a senior in high school who is plagued with the unus..."

Ohhh... that sounds good! Definitely on my TBR

message 17: by Casey (new)

Casey Hays Thanks! Your book sounds exciting. I will have to check it out!

message 18: by Casey (new)

Casey Hays M.R. wrote: "My new YA/New Adult novel just released this week!
With a death starts a new beginning...

Eighteen-year-old Esmerelda thinks she’s just a normal girl, but all of that changes the day of her mom’s ..."

Exciting book! Adding it to my list!

message 19: by James/Jaime (new)

James/Jaime Raven (jpraven) | 7 comments Hi
My new thriller Red Blitz is now available on Kindle. Check it out if you can. Here's a brief description:
Venice is doomed. This is the awesome discovery made by police after a terrorist is found dead in an apartment. The man has left behind a note which reveals that he has hidden a large number of bombs throughout the city. And he warns that if his demands aren't met they'll go off - killing hundreds of people and destroying dozens of historic buildings. Only the terrorist knows where the bombs have been planted and he's taken the secret to his grave. As the bombs start to explode, and people begin to evacuate the city, police chief Armond Cali uncovers a sinister plot behind the attack.

message 20: by Brian (new)

Brian Brown | 87 comments Hey all,

I've written two children's books comprised of short stories and cartoons that teach kids lessons on many serious topics (such as gun and drug abuse, peer pressure, and bullying). The links for both of the books, as well as my author fan page are below. Please feel free to check them out, and also share them with the people you know that have young children. It's an excellent learning tool that may save lives one day, because it allows kids to learn how to deal with difficult day-to-day situations while being entertained at the same time.
Think About It 1:
Think About It 2:
Author Page:
Facebook Page:

Thanks a lot.

message 21: by David (new)

David Manuel | 26 comments Hello and Happy Holidays.

I've written three suspense thrillers. They're a different approach to the hard-boiled killer genre. Take a look.
Killer Protocols
Clean Coal Killers
The Killer Trees


message 22: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (StephieJa) | 50 comments the lamp stephanie jackson by Stephanie Jackson

New release today!

The Lamp:

What can happen when you let the Genie out of the lamp? It may not be what you think. Ellie loves her friends and antiques. She even opened her own little antique shop, Timeless Treasures, when she graduated college. Little did she know that her love of antiques would introduce her to a supernatural being…a Jinn who possesses the most powerful object ever sent to Earth; King Solomon’s ring. Not only did she just discover that the supernatural actually existed, but now she finds that she must make a decision as to whether or not to embark on a dangerous adventure that could cost her her very life, and just as she finds the love of her life, Matthaus. Will she make the right decision before it’s too late to stop Iblis from claiming Solomon’s ring and enslaving the world of humans for all eternity?

Kindle copy $3.99:

Paperback $7.99:

Also from Stephanie Jackson: When Angels Fall When Angels Fall by Stephanie Jackson

Danielle Coulter had never believed in anything except her mother, hard work and heartache. She never had time for religious fairytales. But when her mother died, Dani was forced to believe…or die.
Not only was she forced to accept that God and Lucifer are real, but also that she is the last living descent of God on Earth. An undeniable fact when the Archangel Gabriel fell to Earth to protect her.
Archangel Gabriel; banished from Heaven over four million years ago for refusing to kill his brother, Lucifer, was about to get a second chance to re-enter Heaven. He was sent to Earth on a mission from his Father to protect the last Daughter of God; the last woman to carry the Blood of God on Earth, and kill his brother, once and for all.
Gabriel had never expected to feel anything for Dani, but he soon found himself willing to fight Heaven and Hell to keep her safe, even if it meant his own destruction.

$2.99 eBooks

Amazon Kindle



message 23: by Jet (new)

Jet Elway (JetElway) | 23 comments All of my books are free today, sorry for the late notice, I'm in the middle of moving. Give them a like, a review, tags, etc... if you have time, thanks!

message 24: by Lily (new)

Lily | 44 comments Hi everyone! :) So tomorrow (the 23) and the 27 of this month this book is gonna free!

Download itt! :)

message 25: by Suneeta (new)

Suneeta Misra (suneetamisra) | 30 comments Here is a young adult thriller/drama set in India. Please read and review

message 26: by Anna (new)

Anna Zukowska | 7 comments What would you do if your world was about to end? What if your previous life, the life that you know, would no longer exist? What would you do if you had lost everything: your family, your friends, your house, and even your planet?

What if you had a chance to flee? Would not the awareness of becoming the very last representative of your race be too frightening? Would this awareness let you leave your dying planet? Or perhaps you would decide to share its fate and die with the others?

Sophie is forced to make that choice; her nearly perfect life is over; but she does not know that her end is really just the beginning. After arriving to an unknown planet, she begins a new life. She thinks that she has discovered a new civilization. She meets people, who replace her family; people, who care for her, who love her. Anew, she learns what happiness is, and her life regains meaning... Until the day he appears.

Fate crosses their paths in the least expected moment; pure chance leads to their meeting. A couple, who were never supposed to have met. She: gorgeous, intelligent, rich, loving, tender, good. He: prideful, insensitive, cruel, vindictive, incapable of affection, still absent. How come she did not see the world beyond him? Why could she never leave this cold tyrant? Why, whilst walking away, did he take with himself a piece of her soul?

A post-apocalyptic, modernized world, an annihilation of the humanity, a foreign race of superhuman warriors, a whole new view of the Universe and other planets, and in the heart of it all, a story of impossible, forbidden love.

My book 'Veduthu' is now available on Amazon Kindle here:

Take a look!

message 27: by Lily (new)

Lily | 44 comments The Dragon Knight Order is free for today! :)


25 years ago, The Dragon Knights were the Empire's finest warriors, however qualified candidates ceased to exist. Now 25 years later, the Order has been diminish to a mere handful of Knights and stands on the break of extinction but not all hope is lost when a young boy is selected to join the ranks of the legendary Dragon Knights. Thrown into a world of politics, fighting and constant threats to his life, Alexander Kerm must learn the ways of the Dragon Knights in order to survive the challenges that wait him at the Central Academy and his future life as a Knight. But when an old enemy stirs in the east his life will become the focus of powers beyond his control.

message 28: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 319 comments Happy holidays everyone!
Please check out my brand new release.

A botched military mission finds new recruit Christopher Parker in a hostile prison camp. His life has become pain. To escape the prolonged misery of torture, Christopher journeys deep into his own memories and imagination, reliving his life in extreme detail. Imagery is so precise the people who occupy these memories believe they are living real lives. As each character explores ever-shifting landscapes of Christopher’s imagination they uncover a shocking truth; Christopher is slowly dying. Can they fight against Christopher’s own thoughts from convincing life to slip away before everything they know disappears forever?

Imagination by Neil Ostroff

message 29: by Eric (new)

Eric (E_gerds) | 5 comments Our first book is finally done!!!

Plague of Vampires

What makes a Vampire?

Is it the need for blood? If so, then the people who are infected with ‘the Vampire Virus’ qualify. Get the right strain and you’ll never be sick again – as long as you get regular blood transfusions. Get the wrong strain and you’re dead. When federal agencies prove inadequate to contain the new threat to public health, Congress creates The Centers for Disease Control Tactical Team, or CDCTT, to work with police across the country, helping separate fact from fiction when dealing with people who would exploit the disease for their own ends.

Haunted by his past, FBI Special Agent Andrew Taylor has pushed his way into the CDCTT but his teammates are not sure if he’s the right man for this job. When a legal battle by divorced parents over infecting an eight year old to save him from terminal cancer becomes a flashpoint, they must rely on each other to save everyone from the threat of ‘Zero,’ a madman who claims to be the ‘King of the Vampires’. Is he there to disrupt the trial, or to advance his own dark agenda?

for the Kindle at

Barnes and Noble

message 30: by Off (new)

Off Market578 (Chasta_Schneider) | 9 comments Today and tomorrow only, my latest novel is only 99 cents on Kindle and Nook!
She Knows Something You Don't Know

message 31: by Julieanne (new)

Julieanne (Ysoriel) | 14 comments Do you like Gothic inspired books? Ones where the protagonist earns her strength, embarks on a journey that leads her to the unknown? Then why not delve into my world, and the world of the shadows, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Book #2

Giselle has barely had time to accept her new life, never mind the prospect of motherhood, but she finds herself, yet again thrown into chaos, only this time there is more than just her life at stake.
With vampires and shadow creatures vying for her life, can Giselle escape the darkness consuming her, or will she finally descend into the world of shadows?



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