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listening to books on CD/Tape/Ipod

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message 1: by Kaye (new)

Kaye (klippy) This is something that I have started doing and I love it. Don't get me wrong - there is not much better than holding a good book in my hands and reading it but when I am doing things around the house (chores and the such) I love listening to books on my Ipod. Does anyone else listen to books?

message 2: by KrisT (new)

KrisT I have been doing it for a few years and really go through a lot of full length books while I exercise or walk. In 2007 I added 30 books to my done list because of books on CD or my ipod. My library has free downloadable books so it is great and inexpensive.
The difference in how good a book might be is up to the reader but for the most part I have been very lucky in finding great books to listen to. And everyone should give Harry Potter a listen too.

message 3: by Kaye (new)

Kaye (klippy) Another thing that makes a difference is who is doing the talking on audio books - Paula Deen read her autobiography and it was so good hearing her tell the stories. In that case I think I enjoyed the book more. The only problem I had was transferring books from CD form to my Ipod but I have found a free software program that does it for me. It puts the books under audio books and when I go back to listen to it again it will go right to where it left off.

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Do y'all get your audio books primarily from the library on CD? Where do you download them from? I have a hard time finding audio chick lit books...

message 5: by Kaye (new)

Kaye (klippy) I have gotten some of mine from and I also have now joined a club that is very similar to Netflix. I get the CDs and just put them on my Ipod and send them back.

message 6: by KrisT (new)

KrisT I go to my library website and they have a link to free books. I just download it from there right to my ipod.
Check with your local library if they have a website and this service. I know you have to be a member to get the free downloads and in ours they keep adding books weekly.

message 7: by Keris (new)

Keris (kerisstainton) I like listening to books too, but only non-fiction.

I've only tried listening to one novel, but it was so awful it put me off trying again!

message 8: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 19 comments I love listening on tape/cd. Right now I'm listening to "The Time Traveler's Wife" and I love it. The only problem I have is when I get more into my book on tape then the book I'm reading and then I wish I had a hard copy of the book to read when I'm out of the car.

message 9: by Angela (new)

Angela Avery | 7 comments I LOVE "reading" books on tape/CD in my car while commuting an hour a day to work! It's a great way to make the awful commute much easier. In fact,when I arrive at work in the morning, I don't want to get out because I'm caught up in my story. Some people have asked me if I get confused about the book, having to stop whenever I get out of my car, or if I get distracted driving. I personally do not, but I know many friends who can't listen to books on tape because they do get distracted and cannot follow along with the story line. I agree that if there is a great actor or actress reading the book on the CD/tape it makes it so much better. For "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin, the reader is the actress from Sex and the City, the one with red hair, Miranda. For the book "The Dive From Clausen's Pier," the reader is Scarlett Johansson. It just made those books so much better hearing them! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who "reads" books on tape/CD. (In fact, my friends make fun of me for calling it "reading," but my legally blind grandmother calls it her way of reading, so whatever works!)

message 10: by Collette (new)

Collette (vwbernie) | 16 comments I'm listening to the OUtlander in my car these days. I always have a book on cd in my car. I can't stand the radio anymore. lol
I certainly makes a difference who is reading the book. I just finished with Sex in the City and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) read that one too. She does a great job.
The Outlander is amazing! She does all of the accents just right.
I do try to stay away from abridged books. They always seem to cut out the best parts.
Kaye? If you see this, which audio club like Netflix did you join? I would be interested in that.

Jennifer Szalewicz  (jennifers123) | 3 comments I too always have a book in the car and a book at home going. I try to keep them very different. Like Harry Potter in the car and chick lit in the house. I am very picky about the readers though and if I don't like thier voice I turn it off and put a new one in. It's a good thing I get them from the library and don't buy them :)

message 12: by Letitia (new)

Letitia | 3 comments There is a fantastic deal if you are member of either a New Jersey or a Seattle library, and probably others do this too...for example, you can go to the website, and there are hundreds of audio books available for download, so you can burn them to CD or put them on iPod. I love it! You don't even have to go to the library, and the selection is much bigger. You should find out if your library has this option.

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