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message 1: by Darshana (new)

Darshana Unnikrishnan (darshuk15) | 43 comments i have found that some of the books are being edited unnecessarily, i.e, the details keep on changing(publishing date, the cover.. etc). i feel that the GR employees should just enter the details of the books and just lock the profile so that no one can edit it unnecessarily later. simply editing it makes the profile loose many of the relevant datas. this locking of profile can be done at least with the books known to everyone. i understand that the employees will not have knowledge of the books published in regional languages. like in india every state has a separate language so the employees would not be able to learn al the languages.

message 2: by Darshana (new)

Darshana Unnikrishnan (darshuk15) | 43 comments the frequent unnecessary editing is making the profiles less authentic.

message 3: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 3397 comments Most editing of book details is done by volunteer librarians.

If you have some specific examples to help us understand what kinds of problems you see, please post about them in the Librarian's Group:

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 9 comments Definitely post over in librarian group what some of the books are. There's a change log with a record of changes that will help librarians straighten out. Particularly books where the covers change. No one, including librarians or yourself as author, is allowed to overwrite an existing book cover. (Alternate cover editions can be created but an original cover that a member has put in their book catalogue/shelves should not be messed with).

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