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Ole (OleGu) | 21 comments We are the lucky ones

We have unprecedented possibility to change the world around us

Where earlier generations had to fight ignorance, religious doctrines, political ideologies, march off to war, to starve and freeze - we have freedom. The freedom to make this world a more awesome place - and this is an attempt at doing so

We find ourselves in a time, in a society, and in a universe which allows us to share information. The internet allows us to convey the amazingly creative expressions of individual. And for communities of people getting together to create, and to share - through science, art and the caring for other human beings, and for the world around us.

Great writers, scientist, artists and philosophers introduce us to a new dimension of human ingenuity and creativity

We live in a very special time
In a world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness

Nerdfighteria is a force for goodness, and this is my contribution


We Are Going to Die

The Great Dictator

Pale Blue Dot

The Beauty of Science

The Big Electron

We Stopped Dreaming

The Most Astounding Fact

Pizza and critical reading

Why read


The Real You


Asimov's New Guide To Science


Moment of Freedom: The Heiligenberg Manuscript

The Origin of Species

A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing

The Road to Wigan Pier

The People of the Abyss

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason

On Writing

Brave New World

Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

On Liberty

The Fault in Our Stars

Into the Wild

Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity

Symphony of Science:

A Wave of Reason

Onwards to the Edge

The Quantum World

The Unbroken Thread

On Writing

Storytelling part I

What Makes A Hero


Writing Skills

The Art of Metaphors

Storytelling part II

How Fiction can change Reality

Hitchens Advice for Writers


The future of fiction in the information age

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Lena Burdick | 4 comments I love this, thank you so much for compiling these!

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