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What do you want to see in book 3?

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S.M. Johnson Hello darling readers! I'm starting this discussion to say that I really love the mixed bag of reviews I'm finding here. Whether you loved it or didn't love it so much, I appreciate this kind of reader response.

I have a draft of book 3, tentatively titled "Three in the Dungeon", and it's a lot more sexed up than book 2, which dealt with soooo much angst and drama - I mean, poor Roman, right?

I assume you'd all like to see Roman back in control, yes? Are you interested in how things are working out for Dare and Zach? Do you care about Vanessa's point of view at all?

It's a funny thing about reviews - I think some writers don't write a sequel in response to reviewer comments, but what I took away from Above the Dungeon reviews is that readers were really disgusted with Jeff - he wasn't a sympathetic character at all. And I do think that had an impact on Out of the Dungeon - as in... what will happen to Jeff if he breaks his contract? The sky won't fall, will it? Well, no... but coincidence or Karma or whathaveyou sure kicked his ass.

But in book 3, our boys are working hard to find stability again, and losing everything has had a pretty big impact on who they are becoming in this new life. Three in the Dungeon, like Above the Dungeon, explores characterization in a big way within the framework of BDSM (and other steamy) scenes.

PS - re: Out of the Dungeon typos - they have been fixed in the Kindle edition, and will be fixed in the Smashwords edition before Three in the Dungeon is released. I'm shooting for February 2013, on that release, btw.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


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Thank you SM for the great books. I read all three of them. I think we need a number 4 to get Dare with a new Dom and see more of Jeff and Roman. I love all the characters and miss them now that I am done. As I was reading these books, I told my sister who was recovering and she enjoyed hearing about all the characters too. I am trying to get her to read them. So please can we have yet another one?

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S.M. Johnson Hi Princess Brina - Oh yes, there will indeed be a more complete Dare/Thomas story - I promise not to leave Dare dangling (unless he ends up liking that sort of thing). There was just *too much* Dare/Thomas story to fit into this book, and to try to fit it in here would have been cheating them. Thanks you so much for your interest in my story people!

Lisa Just finished reading the 3 books in 2 days.
Glad to see that there will be a book 4 as book 3 ended abruptly.
Would like to see more of Dare, Zach and Thomas, but think Jeff and Roman are better as a couple, the threesome with Jason doesn't feel 'natural' and God, don't let Dare come back to Roman.
Also before she goes, if she goes, could Vanessa get to witness her hot sex scene between Roman and Jeff, with her as an non active participant, eg just watching.
Looking forward to May.

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